Friday, October 29, 2010

The One with Trunk or Treat

My facebook status from last night:
"Taking two ninjas, a barbarian, and the Incredible Hulk to Trunk or Treat."
And here they are:
I've got nothing to fear with these four protecting me!
They don't look quite so fierce all bundled up from the cold, waiting for the festivities to start, do they?

Our Tiny Ninja looked a lot like the mean kid from the original Karate Kid movie. Sadly, his secret weapon proved to be projectile vomiting. The stomach virus he's been fighting all week decided to pay him yet another little visit just before he went trick or treating. Poor little ninja. We cleaned him up, put a jacket on him and let him go once around the circle-he was so excited to get candy. Ninjas (even slightly sick ones) love candy!

Hulk has been excited about Trunk or Treat for DAYS! Every day this week he has been counting down the days, "Mommy only 3 more days until I can be Hulk...." The first thing he said yesterday morning was, "Mommy, today's the day, TRUNK OR TREAT! I can't wait to be Hulk!" He was the coolest Hulk I've ever seen.

The only Barbarian at Trunk or Treat this year. Or um...any year, I think. As soon as he spotted this costume, he had to have it. Even though he wasn't (and still isn't) entirely sure what a Barbarian is. He just knows they are a super tough and super mean. I think the mustache and beard drawn in with a tattoo crayon added just the right touch. When I asked him if he was going to wear his glasses, he said, "Mom, I'm pretty sure Barbarians did NOT wear glasses." (Said in the same tone of voice he uses when I ask ridiculous questions about video games and sports.)

The Big Ninja. When I see this picture, in my head, the song "Kung Fu Fighting" starts playing {everybody was kung fu fighting, those dudes were fast as lightning}. This was another case of the boy seeing the costume and immediately having the need to purchase the costume. The gloves did not come with the costume-those were a special request -he thought they were an essential part of the ninja wardrobe.

I know that we won't have too many more years with all four of our boys dressing up in costumes. So I'm enjoying this. Taking as many pictures as they'll let me. Making special trips to the store for fake mustaches that certain Barbarians decide are too itchy and for essential red gloves.
It's all worth it.
After all, do you have any idea how much candy all four of these will hold?  :)
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The One with Another Ten on Tuesday {but no pictures...}

1. Without pictures....because, I am lame and didn't take a single picture all weekend long.
2.  I had an epic week last week and not in a good way. I got a cold about three weeks ago. By Thursday of last week it still hadn't gone away and my neck was completely stiff and hurt something awful. So I googled my symptoms. Not a good idea. I quickly become convinced that I had meningitis. So I went to urgent care. Saw the worst doctor. Who stood about five feet away in a surgical mask and diagnosed me with an upper respiratory infection and a pulled neck muscle (from violent coughing fits). Awesome.
3.  Jackson went to the AWANA store this week at church and continued our children's tradition of buying the most violent toy they could find-a battle ax. Which promptly got broken on the way home.
4. In my attempts to fix the battle ax I super-glued a bottle of super glue to my hand. True story. Chuck had to pry it off.  Super awesome. I was able to get the residue off with nail polish remover. Chuck end up using a lighter to fix the battle ax. 
5. I spent 2 hours and went to 3 different stores to find costumes for the boys this year for Halloween. You would think they are going as something unique or elaborate. Nope. Just really hard to find the sizes we needed for some reason. But they are happy. Jarron was on the fence about even dressing up this year, so I am really glad he found something that worked for him. I'm not ready for him to be too old for Halloween.
6. While costume shopping, Jarron asked, from the back of the van, "What does brouhaha mean?" I was driving so I couldn't google for the "official" answer. I gave him a rambling, long winded answer, to which he responded, "Are you sure about that? You don't seem sure..." 
7. The new team that I work with are "huggers". It is well documented that I am not a hugger. At all. Seriously, these people are always hugging each other. I was a little worried that our last team meeting was going to end in a group hug. This could be a problem.
8. Some people have asked for an update on our adventures in fishkeeping: we currently have 3 black mollies, one orange fish, and about 7 million snails. We have no idea where the snails came from or how they keep multiplying.
9. I was working the nursery this weekend at church and told Moosey to be nice to one of the other kids {he was stealing her blocks}. He looked at the girl and said "You be nice to me." I guess I should be glad he's talking in complete sentences.
10.  I'm getting my haircut next week and I'm super duper excited about it. Oh, and Chuck and the twins are going to the Blue and White game down at UK next week and they are {kinda} excited about that too. Be back next week with pictures!

Friday, October 15, 2010

The One with Howl o Fest

The boys have been asking to go to Kings Island for weeks. Unfortunately Kings Island is closed to the public most of September, so they had to wait and wait and wait....
Finally, this past weekend, we had a chance to go. After football in the morning, we headed over for a few hours. During October, KI has a free children's event called Howl o Fest.

The boys got to go Trick or Treating, visit a petting zoo, hang out at a pumpkin patch and more. I think the only thing we didn't do was ride the rides!
I think the highlight of the day for Chuck and I was seeing the big boys play in the Foam Pit. Yup, you read that right. A Foam Pit! How cool is that?
It's beginning to feel a lot like autumn around these I just need to get it into gear and get the Halloween costumes taken care of! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

The One With The Mega Update

Here it is, as promised, the "mega update"...
Since I last blogged (in no particular order)...
-This little guy officially turned two and got a whole slew of Elmo (Mo Mo) related presents. Including a "Knows Your Name" Elmo Cell Phone which you can program with one of over 15,000 names, but not the name "Moose". You can, however, program it to say Ebbaneza, Jakovian, Moonglow, and something that sounded a lot like Satan, but was spelled "Satin".
But not "Moose".
Really, Elmo?
"Moonglow" is an official name but "Moose" isn't?
Come on!
The phone that took me hours to program. He loves it, so I "guess" it's worth it.
-There were some football games that were played that were so exhausting to watch for the littlest guy in the house that he crashed mid-snack. This kid falls asleep eating more than any child I have ever seen. (And yes, sometimes I let my kids eat Cheetos. I am not a perfect parent-please do not send me emails about the evils of Cheetos, I am well aware of their place on the food pyramid.)

-There was the second birthday party extravaganza for Rizzo and Brody with the "Puppy Dog" theme, organized almost entirely by Aunt Fawna. I was really impressed with the "Pin the Tail on the Dog" game she found, as well as the cupcakes in the shape of the dog bone. Pretty clever. Even the big kids had fun, despite the fact that it was a party for toddlers!

-There was AWANA's club parents night for the Truth and Traing and Sparks clubs. My brother came to the Truth and Training club night since my nephew Blaze is in that club, so the boys were pretty excited to see him participating in the games. James was never much into sports growing up, so I was surprised to see he was pretty speedy on his run for his team! (As was Blaze-Go Blaze!)
And then on Sparks night, Don suffered what can only be described as the "mother of all wipe outs" while running for Andrew's team. It almost happened in slow motion. To his credit, he was running pretty fast and took the corner pretty hard, I could see him going down and people scrambling to get out of his way. I think he took out a few innocent bystanders when he went down. Sadly, I didn't have my camera with me to document his fall but believe me when I say that it was epic. It was definitely the talk of the night.

-There were play try-outs for Bryce. We had prepared for a dramatic reading but it turned out that he needed to perform a song and dance. No worries. He just got up and sang Aretha Franklin's "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" and did the Moonwalk, as if he had planned it all along! The kid is fearless! Needless to say, he got a part. :)

-And last but not least, there was a visit to Kings Island Halloween Fest-but that's another post for later this week. :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The One Where I Give You a Link To Incrediably Cute Pictures of My Kids

I've been a bad blogger. {Again}. But in my defense, I started a new job and caught a really bad cold.
How about if I distract you with some incrediably cute pictures of my kids?
Just head on over to my sister in law's blog HERE.
I'll be back this weekend with a mega-update post.
Enjoy the pictures!