Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Around Here...

1. Two weeks in a row? It feels a little streaky in here. :)

2. It snowed. Again. Because Ohio. But in more pleasant news, the Reds began Spring training this week. And vacation is just over 3 months away. (Looking on the bright side...)

3. Jackson was named Student of the Month for February at East. Super proud of him.

4. Jarron's basketball team won their first round game in the league basketball tournament. Jarron was a little bummed because this wasn't his favorite group of teammates ever and he was ready for the year to be over BUT we play on. #seasonneverends

5. Bryce and Jarron start track & field practice for Fairfield on Monday. Of course, the field is currently covered in 5 inches of snow, so that might be a problem.

6. Moose got a dog at the Build A Bear Workshop recently, and names him Mr. Wrinkles. Mr. Wrinkles now goes everywhere with us (except school). Moose chose a UK basketball uniform for his outfit. We start the brainwashing early in this family.

7. I realized this week at work that I am about 1000 times more likely to quickly work on a new project if the person requesting it is nice to me. If you are rude or condescending, to back of the line you go. There's a lot of projects back there right now. #benice

8. Our University of Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team remains undefeated at 30-0. One more regular season game. It's the most wonderful time of the year, my friends-MARCH MADNESS. #PursuitofPerfection

9. I need to stop using hashtags. But I just can't.... #can'tstopwon'tstop

Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday

1. Today is my momma's birthday. I can't begin to tell you how much she means to me. I spent the first half of my life learning from her, being raised by her example. Now I get to spend this season of my life with her as my best friend. I still learn from her-how to be strong when things are harder than you can imagine, how to love unconditionally, and someday how to be the best nana in the entire world. Everyone who meets her immediately wants to be her friend because she's the kindest, most selfless person I know. I hope I am half the person she is.
Happy birthday momma, I love you.
My mom and dad with their grandsons and granddaughter

2. March Madness begins in just a few short weeks. Are you ready? I am. In case you missed it-I have won my bracket challenge at work the past 5 of 6 years. (I did not participate the year UK didn't make the tournament.) Last year, all the naysayers laughed as I picked UK to go to the national championship. Ha ha.
Also, I beat Chuck Lakes last year. Just want that on record.

3. The Lakes boys are about half way through the school year. Trying really hard not to think about the fact the twins will be FRESHMAN next year. That's just...I can't even. Jackson is finishing up his last year at East (what?!?) and will be moving to the Intermediate building in fall. And our little Moose, is finishing up Kindergarten. All four of them are excellent students-bringing home straight As and honor roll awards. Their teachers tell us how they are leaders in their class and are so kind to others. I couldn't be more proud of them.
Yup, all 4 boys are in glasses or contacts now. Sorry kids!

4. After getting next to no snow all winter, we got about a foot of it in one week. The boys were off school for 5 days in a row. It was crazy. Even they were ready to go back when it was all said and done. I think we are all ready for summer and our annual vacation to Florida.
A heart shaped snowball, love this boy.

I found Moose and Jack's snow pants AFTER this was taken. Sigh.

5. Chuck turned 40 this month. FORTY. That's like 280 in dog years. He's pretty old. :)
Just kidding. He will always be the love of my life no matter how old we both get. And I think he's pretty hot for an old guy. ;)

The kids were pretty excited about decorating the house and font yard. ALL of the neighbors knew it was his birthday. Ha ha!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

the one with 104 teeth and just one cavity

I took all four boys to the dentist by myself this week. {Yes, I'm slightly insane.} For the record, it was far more chaotic than even I anticipated it to be but it was also far more efficient than I anticipated as well, so I'll call it a win.

All four needed X-rays and cleanings. Can I admit publicly that I've been a bit of a slacker when it comes the the whole "every 6 months at the dentist" thing? Am I the only that isn't great at that? Does that make me a bad mom? A lazy one? Or just a busy one? {I'm going go with with latter, as I am not perfect and refuse to beat myself up over things I can't go change.}

Any way, two of the four also needed orthodontist consultants, which our dental office conveniently provides right there, at no charge-remind me again why I have been putting this off?

Fortunately, no one needs braces or major dental work RIGHT NOW. Will someone down the road, maybe. We're keeping our eye on one of the boys-he still has a mouthful of baby teeth so time will tell.
Moose did wonderful. He had the hygienist and dentist cracking up with his mischievous laugh and silly stories.

Everyone in the office gave me grief about the fact that I brought poor Jackson to the dentist on his birthday but we had already rescheduled twice and I HAD to get this appointment in before school started. {For the record, we had his party and I took him shopping all day on Saturday-I will post about that later this week.}

All of the boys were very well behaved. The twins stepped in to watch Moose when I needed to talk with the dentist or orthodontist. I was extremely proud of them.

I didn't hesitate when asked if I wanted to schedule all four appointments at the same time for February 2015.
"Sure, why not?"

In the end, we spent about an hour and half there, 104 teeth were examined, and only one tooth had a cavity. Not a bad day.