Friday, October 29, 2010

The One with Trunk or Treat

My facebook status from last night:
"Taking two ninjas, a barbarian, and the Incredible Hulk to Trunk or Treat."
And here they are:
I've got nothing to fear with these four protecting me!
They don't look quite so fierce all bundled up from the cold, waiting for the festivities to start, do they?

Our Tiny Ninja looked a lot like the mean kid from the original Karate Kid movie. Sadly, his secret weapon proved to be projectile vomiting. The stomach virus he's been fighting all week decided to pay him yet another little visit just before he went trick or treating. Poor little ninja. We cleaned him up, put a jacket on him and let him go once around the circle-he was so excited to get candy. Ninjas (even slightly sick ones) love candy!

Hulk has been excited about Trunk or Treat for DAYS! Every day this week he has been counting down the days, "Mommy only 3 more days until I can be Hulk...." The first thing he said yesterday morning was, "Mommy, today's the day, TRUNK OR TREAT! I can't wait to be Hulk!" He was the coolest Hulk I've ever seen.

The only Barbarian at Trunk or Treat this year. Or um...any year, I think. As soon as he spotted this costume, he had to have it. Even though he wasn't (and still isn't) entirely sure what a Barbarian is. He just knows they are a super tough and super mean. I think the mustache and beard drawn in with a tattoo crayon added just the right touch. When I asked him if he was going to wear his glasses, he said, "Mom, I'm pretty sure Barbarians did NOT wear glasses." (Said in the same tone of voice he uses when I ask ridiculous questions about video games and sports.)

The Big Ninja. When I see this picture, in my head, the song "Kung Fu Fighting" starts playing {everybody was kung fu fighting, those dudes were fast as lightning}. This was another case of the boy seeing the costume and immediately having the need to purchase the costume. The gloves did not come with the costume-those were a special request -he thought they were an essential part of the ninja wardrobe.

I know that we won't have too many more years with all four of our boys dressing up in costumes. So I'm enjoying this. Taking as many pictures as they'll let me. Making special trips to the store for fake mustaches that certain Barbarians decide are too itchy and for essential red gloves.
It's all worth it.
After all, do you have any idea how much candy all four of these will hold?  :)
Happy Halloween!

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Stacey said...

Love the big ninja's costume. And the gloves do make the costume, I must say. We have that costume at our house, but Clay won't wear it. And their poses are cool! It is so nice that the older ones still dress up. Moosey is adorable in his costume, and the blue really brings out his eyes.