Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I love to write. Really, really love it. Ever since I was a kid I have just enjoyed telling stories. That's why I love to scrapbook and blog-both are just different forms of storytelling. I have tried really hard to show the boys the importance of reading and writing, it's something that I enjoy and I have always hoped they would too. So imagine how happy I was to find a 3 page story in Bryce's homework folder. It was a creative writing assignment about Frosty the Snowman. In it Bryce had Frosty going on a journey to Japan, it was funny, imaginative, and original. My boy can write and I feel like, today at least, I'm doing something right as his Momma.

2. The other 8 year old boy in residence had a pretty amazing weekend. I mentioned a few posts back how he had won a reading contest at school. this weekend he got to bring his cousin Zachary with him to a Miami U basketball game. Not only were they chosen to participate in the fan tunnel at the beginning of the game but they also got to be in the "high five" club and go out on court during player introductions (and get a free T-shirt). At halftime, Jarron got to go out on court and get his award and gift bag. It was so cool and we were very, very proud.

A little video of the award...

3. The 5 year old in residence is rocking the Tae Kwon Do uniform these days. And looking pretty cute doing it, if you ask me. Jackson loves Tae Kwon Do. He literally can not wait for his class every Tuesday and Thursday.

4. The one year old in residence is into everything. And I do mean everything. At his well baby check-up on Friday, his doctor and I were talking and he just climbed right into the cabinet underneath their sink. When we looked inside we caught him trying to turn the water valves off. They say he looks and acts more like a 2 year old, which I think we already knew. He is very smart and very curious, we certainly have our hands full with him. But his little smile? It gets him out of trouble 99% of the time.

What? I'm just sitting here...not turning the valves or anything like that, I swear! 

Could you be mad at that little face for very long? Yeah, I didn't think so!

5. I realized tonight the uploading pictures to blogger and videos to youtube at the same time is a very bad idea. I'll be doing one at a time for now on...

6. To whoever is stocking the AWANA store at church-I appreciate all that you do, it can't be easy to find interesting things to appeal to kids of all ages and genders. But did you really think these were a good idea?

Guess whose kid saw those on Wednesday night and couldn't wait to bring them home? Four boys and a pair of boxing gloves....enough said.

7. I just finished the latest Hannah Swansen mystery by Joanne Fluke, The Plum Pudding Murder. It was very good and it had 3 recipes that I need to try out. If you like cozy mysteries, I highly recommend it.

8.  My sweet little nephew Keaton turned three this past Sunday. I can not believe how big he is. He is such a cutie. My mom got a little cheesecake to celebrate his birthday Monday (in addition to presents, of course). When I asked him what he got for his birthday (meaning present-wise), he smiled at me and said, "Cake, it's mine."

Jackson, Baby Keats, Chuck and my dad

9. Just for kicks, I decided to take a look and see how many pictures I took last year-insert drum roll here-4,231! That seems a bit excessive. For the record I took the most pictures in December (excluding vacation) and the least in November. Super interesting, right?

10. Please, please pray for Kate McRae and her family this week. I mentioned last week about the Cards for Kids project and how she was the inspiration for it. Her parents and doctors are going to have to make some really difficult decisions this week-please lift her up in prayer.
You can get updates on her condition here-Kate McRae's Journal

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Bobbi said...

No way is that Keats, he's too tiny.

I'm glad to hear Jack likes the Tae Kwon Do, Blaze has been talking about karate lately. Speaking of Blaze I need to send you the pics he took on Christmas, there is a really cute Brody pic in there and I just got around to loading them