Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Look it's Tuesday and there's Ten! Yay me!

2. Things on my Christmas prep list that I accomplished this weekend:
wrapping presents
getting/decorating Christmas tree
Left on the to do list:
Too many to list! :(

3. Jarron and I got a really horrible virus this weekend and spent much of the time getting sick, waiting to get sick, or being exhausted from being sick.

4. Because of #3, we both missed FBC's Children's Christmas program-but Daddy caught it all on film (well, technically a memory card, but you get the point). How funny is it that our by the rules boy, Bryce, is singing, while Jackson has his hands in his pockets looking as if he'd rather be anywhere but on stage.

5. It's snowing! Not a ton but enough to make my commute home dicey. Still looks pretty though.

6. Jackson has become a little tornado of unintentional destruction. In the past month he has flooded the kid's bathroom (causing damage to our kitchen ceiling) by leaving the sink on, has messed up the ceiling fan in the boys room (I never got a straight answer on how that happened-I do know that toys and the top bunk were involved), and last night he knocked over our fully decorated Christmas tree. I don't mean that it was leaning, I mean laying on the floor with ornaments scattered about. I wish I had taken a picture.

7. Brody is starting to become quite the happy little baby. He's still a Moose though.

8.Basketball is really gearing up for the twins-so I better get used to hang out courtside for the next few months.

9. I'll be spending my evening up to my elbows in pretzels, hershey's kisses and m&ms. For a select lucky few, that means pretzel hugs are in your future!

10. I'm really enjoy all of the holiday related programming that's been on TV lately! Even my very favorite current show, Chuck, had a holiday themed episode last night!

That's it for today! Have a safe night on the roads!

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Bobbi said...

I love your 10 on Tuesdays...and I am a witness to the Christmas tree debacle lol. Is that my sons crazy hair in the corner of that last picture ;)