Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The One Where We Got Schooled

A "school" of fish, that is. Ha. Ha. Get it? Schooled? School of fish? I guess I'm feeling a little "punny". :) Okay, I'll stop.
As mentioned in a previous post, we became somewhat reluctant fish owners via Jack-Jack's VBS teacher. When Roxas made it through that first weekend, we invested in a small fishbowl and some rocks. A week or so later the fish bowl got a HUGE crack in it and started leaking. (I'm sure it had nothing to do with four little boys constantly "checking" on the fish.)
My first reaction was to go buy another fishbowl-but Chuck had another idea. He thought that we should get a 5 or 10 gallon tank and a couple more fish. It's as if Roxas knew he was going to be replaced because that same afternoon he went belly-up to the big aquarium in the sky. The boys had a fish funeral-complete with Jackson humming "Pomp & Circumstance". It was pretty awesome.
But now the boys (and Chuck) had their heart set on fish. So off to Jack's Aquarium with the above mentioned boys.
Ever been to a pet store with 4 boys? I do not recommend it. Between Moose's very loud squeals of "Woof-woof" and him knocking over a mega sized (and very expensive) bottle of fish pellets, it was quite the adventure. The staff at Jack's were really nice and super patient with us (and the kids-apparently knocking over and breaking fish pellets "happens all the time"-somehow I doubt that).
We walked out with a 20 gallon fish tank complete with lights, a filter and heater. But no fish. Because you have to set up a fish tank and let it "cycle" before you can add fish. Who knew? We went back the next day and got some black mollies and some tetras. (Two of which promptly died the next day, we did not have a fish funeral for them.) Chuck went back yet again and got 3 platies this time.

As of today, we have 4 adult fish living in the tank-John Wall, Fireballs, Ryan, and 1 fish yet to be named. And at least 2 baby fish that made their appearance this week-which was a big shock since we thought we had only purchased male fish.
This fish keeping business is pretty complicated-water temperatures, and Ph balance and all sort of nonsense. But Chuck and the boys seem to be enjoying themselves. And it is very relaxing watching the fish swim about-but I still prefer to cuddle up with our dog Conan.

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Mrs. Fish said...

I love that one is named Ryan! :) Maybe it's because I have my own "fish" named Ryan! :)

I'm much for a dog person! I got two old goldfish once from Kmart as a child. I picked the two biggest, fattest ones in the tank, because I assumed there were the ones nobody wanted. I took them back to my room where they lived a nice life in sweet retirement home with neon rocks and a swim through thing. They lived far too long my parents said.