Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

1. I deleted Facebook from my phone, so I need a new outlet for all of my funny kid stories. Hello, old friend. I've missed you, little neglected blog.

2. Half of my kids are no longer kids-the twins now have their temps and will be 16 soon. What?!? Is it wrong that I secretly enjoy when Jarron drives? It's like a little vacation for me. I can sit back relax, and scroll through Instagram.

3. Moose is playing basketball for the first time this year. And he's really good. Watching him play defense is worth the price of admission alone. Moose puts his whole body into guarding. It's a thing of beauty.
This is not a photo of Moose playing basketball-I apparently having uploaded those to the Google drive yet!

4. Jackson will be 13 in July. I will have 3 teenage sons in my home. I can feel myself aging as I typed that sentence. Jackson is still Jackson. Our youth leader told me a story of how he visited the 6th graders to see if they were excited to move up to the Youth Group this summer. Jackson had no reaction-because that's Jackson. Even if he's super excited he just doesn't show it. He'd be a killer poker player.

5. Kroger Clicklist is pretty much the most amazing thing that has ever happened to the world of grocery shopping.

6. Bryce {Jarron is nursing an injury} is running in indoor track this winter and we've driven at least 1-3 hours one way up I-75 every weekend in January. There is nothing exciting north of West Chester on I-75. In case you were wondering.
This is Bryce at Homecoming-not at indoor track. Those photos have also not been uploaded.

7. We got a puppy this summer. She's the cutest dog in the world. She's also really smart. Her name is Ellie. I didn't think we'd ever have a dog again so you have no idea how insanely grateful I am every night I get to snuggle with her.

8. Made a commitment to myself to read through the whole Bible this year. I've been really good about reading each night for the past couple of years but this year I wanted to finish the whole thing (even some of the tougher books that I usually find myself skipping). I'll still do some of the Time Warp Wife studies (love these) or a She Reads Truth study but so far I'm 8% of the way through.

9. Chuck gave me an RTIC tumbler he got from work and it's pretty amazing. I've looked into the Yeti tumblers but just would never spend that kind of money on a cup. This RTIC tumbler is the real deal. We don't have an ice machine at work, so I fill it up with ice at home and put water in it all day long. When I get home at 5? STILL HAS ICE!

10. I love this print from Hope Ink and have the perfect place for it in my house. It's totally going on my wish list. {Also on my wish list: the ability to hand letter and draw.}

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