Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The One Where The Boys Grew Up Right Before Your Eyes

I’ve been posting to this blog off and on (mostly off, lately) for seven years. That’s a long time. If one were to go back to the beginning and read through every post, my boys would literally grow up right before your eyes. When I started this blog the twins were the same age Moose is now-seven years old. They were in second grade. Still playing soccer, both in glasses, spending their last year in the same classroom. Jackson was just 4 years old. Not yet in school. A mouth full of baby teeth, finally a big brother. A sweet little brown eyed boy just starting to play soccer and basketball. Moose had just joined our family. A chubby little newborn with big blue eyes and a huge toothless grin that everyone loved.

And here we are. Seven years later.

The twins are 14. (FOURTEEN!) They are freshmen in high school. More adult than child. On the edge of making the varsity cross country team. Neither play soccer much anymore or even basketball. Once they started running, they haven’t looked back. Bryce loves business classes and debating. Jarron loves engineering and feels strongly that God is calling him to serve in youth ministry.

Jackson is 11 now. A 5th grader. Already in contacts, and starting to look more like a teenager than I’d like to admit. He’s running track for the Intermediate school and deciding on a sport for spring. He loves reading and writing-he’s in his school’s pilot program for a half day advanced placement program.

Moose is 7 now. He’s a first grader. He’s our only blonde haired, blue eyed boy. He’s so much like his daddy, it’s scary sometimes. He loves everyone-he knows no strangers. He has the kindest heart and the quickest smile. He loves reading-he’s already reading books from the 3rd grade room at school! He likes soccer, mostly because he gets to make more friends.

Yup, my boys have grown up right before your eyes.

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