Thursday, February 2, 2017

The One Where I Recap Our Summer In One Post

I feel the need to play catch-up. To recap all the big events and fun of the last few months. I guess, I'll start with the summer.

We started the summer off right-by getting Jackson's cast removed the day before we boarded our flight to Florida. Why was Jackson in a cast, you ask? Well, let's just say you shouldn't play soccer barefoot.

From there we flew to Destin. Normally we drive, this was Moose and Jackson's first time on a plane. Since, the twins were babies the last time they flew, this was really the first flight they remembered too. Everyone (except one of the twins whose name rhymes with Rice) did great and flew without any fear. Bryce, on the other hand, wasn't a big fan. He was pretty happy as soon as we were on solid ground.

We spent the next week enjoying all that we have come to love about Destin-sparking blue water, white sandy beaches, fun restaurants, fishing off the pontoon boat, and even Snuba diving!

We got home just in time for VBS and poor little Moose to get the worse viral infection of his life. The poor kid had hives for days!

There was fishing with Paps and Dad. Because this is a house full of men. And men fish.

There were trips to the Movies in the Park with our friends. Where we mostly played. And then left halfway through the movie.

There was the coldest Red, White, Kaboom in years. We literally had on sweatshirts and brought blankets for 4th of July fireworks!

There was a 4th of July spent at the Main Event with family.

Ice cream dates with our friends at the Village Green.

A trip to the Lawrenceburg Speedway to see a school bus race.

The twins headed to Michigan for their annual youth trip with our church.

Jackson turned 12 years old!

We went to Gatlinburg with the high school cross country team for a weekend.

The boys went to the annual Men's Camp-out with Chuck. There was fishing, shooting and man stuff. Mom slept in a big comfy bed and watched Netflix in the peace and quiet.

And, of course, we got our new puppy, Ellie.

The summer of 2016 was pretty amazing. Can't wait to see what 2017 holds for us!

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