Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ten on Thursday

1. There are no toddlers in this house. Just big boy 3 year olds, 7 year olds, and 10 year olds. I am slowly coming to terms with it.

2. Moosey celebrated his birthday with his Puggle friends by bringing in cupcakes to share. It was pretty cool to hear his little classmates singing him the "Happy Birthday" song. He was grinning from ear to ear the whole time. All week long he would say "It's my Happy Birthday!" :)

3. Bryce and Jackson were having a heated discussion in the Swagger Wagon {that's what I like to call the minivan} about when Jackson would be allowed to ride without a booster seat. I'm kind of a fanatic about car safety. And then Bryce said, very matter of the fact, "Well, I didn't get to ride without my booster seat until I was in my early nines." And I laughed so hard, I almost had to pull over.

4. We discovered a fun little park with basketball hoops at a local elementary not far from our house. The little ones had so much fun because the playsets were the PERFECT size for them to play without my help. And the bigs were thrilled to be playing basketball as usual.

5. I am super proud of how well the boys did on their progress reports-straight As!! Yeah, they are kind of geniuses. Which is a good thing, because I am zero help when it comes to their math and science. Although, after helping them study the other night, I can recite all six forms of energy.

6. We were watching TV the other night and an ad for True Moo Chocolate Milk came on, both Chuck and Jarron piped up and asked me to buy some of it. Chuck followed up with, "It's so good, it's like a party in my mouth." I wonder if True Moo is looking for testimonials.

7. We had Truth & Training Parent Night last night at AWANAs. Our last one with the twins, since next year they will be in youth group-crazy to think about. Chuck participated in the sports, I tried my best to hide. I'm not a big fan of running in front of people. {The kids get their "clumsy gene" from me.} It was definitely a good time.

8. Jackson said that it was Stuffed Animal night is Sparks but he randomly came home with this hat? Crazy hat night maybe? Who knows? But he looked so funny I couldn't help but take a picture.

9. Our Puggle got his uniform! The Moose that hates hats, suddenly HAD to have one. Pretty stinking cute, if you ask me.

10. The other night I was out on our front porch trying to take picture of the sunset {it was a very cool pink/purple} and one of the neighbor kids saw me. This was our conversation:

Neighbor Boy: Hey! Are those binoculars? Are you spying on someone? 'Cause we do that all the time. My mom's always spying on people!
Me: Uh. Nope. Just my camera. Trying to get a picture of the cool sunset.
Boy: Oh...Huh. I was just kidding about that spying thing.
Good to know. ;)


Izzyb said...

Oh they grow up much too fast. Your mention of awanas took me back. I hadn't thought about that - or my beanie in a long time. Not sure if they still do beanies. Could be showing my age!

Amy said...

Such sweet photos and stories!