Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Guess who's back...back again... :)

2. This kid is loving lacrosse and is pretty good at it. You'll be able to see him tearing up the field in just a couple of weeks playing for the Fairfield Indians. {Oddly enough-not at any field in Fairfield, because ALL of our home games are nowhere near Fairfield-so weird.}
I swear that's him beneath all that gear. In case you actually wanted to see him, here he is in his basketball uniform:

3. This kid is a basketball defensive machine. You just go ahead and try to score on my Jack-Jack. Try it. He's also a mean Lego builder these days.

4. This kid is doing an amazing job for the Fairfield Tomahawks-also a defensive machine. Maybe it's the 3 brothers thing but my kids love to defend the ball.

5. This kid is as rotten as ever. The other night I was putting him to bed and trying {unsuccessfully} to calm him down. "Moose, lay down and go to sleep. 1, 2, 3..." "4, 5, 6...Mommy, I count too!" Sigh. He's a handful but he's awfully cute, so we'll keep him.

6. In the last 3 months I have sold about 3 tons of cookie dough for various fundraisers for my children. I'm beginning to feel like a drug dealer. This last sale, a random guy I've never met before came to my desk with cash and said "I heard you had cookie dough, I'll take two of the Cranberry, I have cash." Ummmm...and your name is?

7. Moose may just be a video game genius. We recently went to the WEB entertainment center for a birthday party and I had to keep him occupied. He wanted to play this Spongebob game. It was the kind where the dot spins around and if you hit the buzzer at a certain place, you win that number of tickets. There's also a jackpot, where if you hit the buzzer at the jackpot you win 150 tickets. Moose walked up the machine and hit the jackpot. Hmmmnnn... "I win Mommy! High Five!" {He loves High Fives.} He wanted to play again. Okay. He hits the jackpot again. What!!!!! Okay. Time to try this on another machine. He hits a 50 ticket winner on another game. I drag him back to SpongeBob {he wanted to play basketball-not so much kiddo}, this time there's people watching, because they remember the first two wins. He hits the jackpot AGAIN. No kidding. The girl next to me asks if he has it timed. Ummm no. He's three. I figure we better not press our luck and take our tickets over to the area to get prizes. He's just barely short for big stuffed dog. I tell him he can get a stuffed monkey or try Spongebob one more time to get the stuffed dog.
We head back to Spongebob. I swipe the card, he hits the buzzer and BAM. Jackpot!!!! I couldn't believe it. "I get my dog now Mommy?" Yup. And he did. I'm taking him to Dave & Busters next week. They have better prizes. ;)

8. We are doing this Zero Waste initiative at work and they took our garbage cans from us. We have a cup to use for garbage. I'm not even kidding. I spend a good 15 minutes a day figuring out whether something goes in the compost, mixed recycle, trash or paper bins. Sooooo complicated. On the bright side, I run into a lot of my co-workers doing the same thing, so at least I'm not the only one confused.

9. Am I the only one who finds it super weird that we haven't gotten any snow at all this winter and it's been in the 50's and 60's more than it's been in the 20's? Just me? Okay then.

10. I need a vacation. Just putting that out there. :) Happy Tuesday friends!

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