Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. This little guy had an assist and a rebound at last week's basketball game. I was super proud of him. (The brown haired one-the blonde did an awesome job too but I didn't memorize his stats.)

.2. I was talking to the twins about college the other day and our conversation didn't turn out quite the way I thought it would:
Bryce: So Mom, why did it take you so long to finish school?
Me: {Taking offense} What do you mean, why did it take me so long? I finished in five years, it takes lots of people five years.
Jarron, jumping into the conversation: Wellllll...it's a four year degree right?
Me: {Feeling defensive because now they are ganging up on me.} Yes, but I got a two year degree in a totally different field first and then changed my mind and switched majors again and that's why it took me five years.
B: But still....it took you five years for a four year degree, right?
Me: {Feeling dumb and called out by my 9 year olds} Um.... yeah.
J: What's your degree in anyway?
{Great, this inquisition isn't over yet.}
Me: Ummm. {kind of mumbling} Communications.
B: Isn't that what basketball players major in?
J: {Laughing} That's hilarious.
Me: To be fair, it's actually a pretty challenging major-you have to study the great orators of the past like Aristotle and Sophocles AND you have to give a ton of speeches and understand different communication styles. In fact, my senior thesis was on how people change their speech patterns to adapt to the environment they are in....
J : {While I am still talking} Bor-ing.
B: I hope your speeches were more interesting than that.
Awesome. Clearly, my children are very impressed with my education.
A Proud UC Alum {Sort Of...}

3. We had to say goodbye to a beloved member of our family this week. Our 11 year old Toyota Corolla died. This was my very first brand new car out of college. I remember taking my offer letter from P&G to the dealership and being so excited driving away with it. I thought I was being so smart getting a 4 door sedan {thinking ahead to the family I hoped we'd have} with great gas mileage. Little did I know we'd need a minivan to cart our crew around.

4. Chuck was a little less sad to say goodbye to the Toyota because, quite frankly, it's best years were long behind it. He was very happy to say hello to this number...

His new car-a Honda Civic. I'm thrilled he's driving something safe and reliable. No more worrying on rainy or snowy days about him breaking down on his hour long commute to Kentucky.

5. Bryce randomly said in the car the other night, "You do NOT want to live in France." Hmmmnnn. Okay. Now, there are lots of reasons why people would not want to live in France. But I was very surprised to hear Bryce's reason. "136 people died there last year in avalanches. It is AVALANCHE CITY".  Cracks me up that France hits his radar as a problem for avalanches. Not some place known for tons of snow and mountains like Colorado but France. :)

6. We got a bunch of snow last week and the Moose actually enjoys playing in it! I was pretty excited to take pictures of all four of my boys out there enjoying the white stuff. Looks like I'll get another chance this week-they are calling for us to get another 4-8 inches later this week!

7. I got a Kindle for Christmas. Because my husband knows I am a nerd. It's okay. I'm not ashamed of it.  {I'm an average nerd, not to be confused with a comic book nerd like my brother-love ya, Jay!) Because let's be honest, if you ask for a piece of technology 4 out of the last 5 Christmases, you might just be a nerd. Anywho, because of my nerdiness, I love my Kindle. I got the Kindle case to go with it for my birthday and my Kindle started acting funny. So being a nerd, I did some research and figured out that my case was drawing power away from my Kindle and messing it up. So I called Amazon and got the best customer service. Not only did they refund my money {expected}, they let me keep the case {cool}, and gave me a $25 credit to upgrade to the lighted case for free {sweet!}. Nicely done, Amazon.

8. I've been watching The Vanilla Ice Project on the DIY channel. I can't believe that {a} I am admitting that, {b} I'm actually doing it, and {c} I'm learning so much about home improvement from the guy who brought us "Ice Ice Baby". So weird.

9. I still know about 90% of the words to "Ice Ice Baby". Sad but true.

10. I have taken a picture every day for the last 18 days and I am running out of ideas already. What am I going to do for the next 347 days? This picture of the day stuff is harder than it looks! For example, today's picture of the day was of my grocery cart. I wish I was kidding.

Until next week....


Anonymous said...

Let me know how you like your kindle. I love the concept of an ereader, but love the cheapness that is the library!

P.S. France comment! LOVED IT!

Stacey said...

Oh, HOW did I MISS this Ten on Tuesday post last week?? I look for it every week! And this one was just as entertaining as ever.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the college degree discussion. It cracked me UP that the twins said basketball players major in communication. And you may also share with them that it took me 3 years to get a 2 year degree. Some of us have to work AND go to school!

My favorite picture this week is the sly Jackson smile! So swarthy!

Keep up the good posts, Chris!