Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I am a blog slacker. Plain and simple. Let's just leave it at that.

2. I have a ton of Christmas things to share-including {but not limited to} decorating our tree, the Children's Cantata at church, Christmas Eve {when Moose literally yelled "No, you shut up Mommy" when I tried to shush him during the beautiful, quiet candlelight church service-nice}, Christmas morning, Christmas with our families and a spectacular visit to Santa {Moosey did not like Santa one bit-and this Santa did not have a real beard-as everyone in the room came to find out-sorry kids!} but just typing that in list form exhausts me-so here's a photo collage of the memories...good times indeed!

3. We also made our way down south to visit Chuck's Kentucky relatives on Christmas break. We spent New Year's Eve swimming in a hotel pool and watching the ball drop surrounded by our boys. It was pretty fantastic.

4. I tried to make Paula Deen's Sour Cream Biscuits and it was a complete fail. I thought they turned out okay but Chuck and the boys seemed to think they were missing a significant amount of butter. As in, did I forget to add butter. Hmmnnnn...no, I put in two sticks. So, for those keeping score at home-cookies=success, brownies=success, biscuits=fail. Maybe my family just really likes sugar.

5. I am going to try to take a picture a day again this year. Last year I made it to March. This year I'm going to involve the boys. It seems like when I involve them, things turn out a little better. I'm using Shuttercal again this year-I'm not going to bother adding the widget until I get past March this time. :)

6. If you are looking for a free, cool thing to do next Christmas; I highly, highly recommend Christmastown at the Creation Museum.  The lights were beautiful-tons of animals to pet, and just a great atmosphere. And did I mention that it was FREE? {Well, the hot chocolate was $2 a cup and the camel rides were $5 but admission was free!}

7. How cute is this kid with this haircut? Just saying...

8. Chuck and I both got the opportunity to help out at the kids' Christmas parties. Love getting the chance to see them in their "natural habitat".  We are so blessed to have such a great school system with such awesome teachers. Some of which even become our friends after our kids have moved out of their classes {Hi Mrs Fish!}.

9. Basketball is back, people. The twins are in the big kids league, which means they are the little guys on the court this year. And Jackson is playing for the first time. So cute to see him out there in his uniform. He's quite the defensive player. {And Moose only ran out onto the court one time-woo hoo!-I count that as a personal victory-that kid is a handful!}

10. Have you ever played the game Headbandz? Because it is quite hysterical. Seriously. Right up there with Apples to Apples on the family fun scale. What's funnier than a grown man walking around with a picture that says "I Am A Bed" on his forehead?!?
 That's all I've got this week folks...see you next week with snow pictures {seriously-the Moose actually played in the snow this time and was totally adorable doing it} and of course, more basketball pictures. I'm sure you can't wait. ;)

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