Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Jackson is a lego-maniac. And completely obsessed with appearing in the Lego Club magazine. He sketched out some Lego robots that he wanted to build and then asked Chuck to help him build his "robot army". I was enlisted to photograph said army. He has asked me every. single. day. if I have submitted the photo to Lego Club. Maybe he will be content with the photo making the blog??

2. I've heard some good things about the Home Routines App on some message boards I frequent. Has anyone tried it? I'm all about organizational tools that make my life easier...

3.Our basketball season continues...it's been a rough one for the twins' team so far. We haven't  gotten a win just yet but it hasn't been for lack of trying. The boys are having fun though and that's really all that matters. I always find it funny when parents on the opposing team realize that the twins are twins. The other day one of the parents sitting behind me said, "What a minute there's two of them out there....dog gone it, I think they are twins. And they BOTH can play."  Cracked me up. My sister in law confirmed that they were indeed twins and yes, they can both play.

4. Jackson has surprised us by being a defensive basketball superstar. In this week's game, the player he was guarding for the majority of the game was getting pretty physical and Jackson didn't back down at all. Despite the fact that the boy was at least a head taller than him. Jackson cracks me up-he's just so calm about stuff but if you mess with him, he doesn't give an inch. I don't think we ever have to worry about him getting bullied.
His favorite post-game ritual? Hanging out with Andrew on the floor playing with my iPhone.

5. I mistakenly thought it was warm enough to play outside last weekend. We lasted for about 30 minutes. I got the Christmas lights down and the big kids rode their scooters for a few minutes before we headed back in to thaw out. But I guess 40 degrees is a heat wave when you are used to temperatures in the 20's.
Do they look cold to you?

6.  We've been watching Worst Cooks in America on the Food Network. Highly entertaining. {And it makes you feel somewhat better about yourself as a cook.} And you know what? I'm actually learning things.
7. You know how sometimes when you have a yummy cereal like Franken Berry, you kinda want to drink the milk at the bottom of the bowl? Moose takes it a step further...
You can't say the kid isn't committed.

8. Can I brag a little? The boys got their report cards a week or so ago and they were awesome. Jackson had all "+" 's (the best grade you can get in his program) and the twins had all A's! I'm so so proud of them. They are so good about studying and doing their reading each night. When you think about all of the extra-curricular activities they do between church and sports and play practice...well, I'm just really, really impressed with them. 

9. Now can I complain a little? Not about my kids-who are awesome. But about the ridiculous amounts of snow and ice we are getting? I mean, really? We've gotten close to 30  inches already and it's barely February. Yikes!

10. I have to get on a plane for the first time in 8 years in a few weeks and I am freaking out. I don't like heights. Or flying. Or planes. Anyone have good advice for overcoming my completely irrational fear of the plane falling out of the sky? Or the wing falling off? Or a bird flying into the windshield and causing the pilot to be distracted and crash the plane into the ground? I should really stop watching those "it could happen" disaster shows on the SyFy channel.


Stacey said...

Um, don't you always brag about your boys?? Didn't you just do that in the points above the one about the report cards? No matter, we love it!

I hope Jackson gets into the Lego magazine like he wants. That's so cool.

I love hearing about your boys and basketball. Or any sport, when it involves your boys. And it would be funny to realize that there are two of them that look identical! And way to go Jackson for your defense!!


About your anxiety for the plane, either talk to your doctor about some anti-anxiety medication you can take specifically for the flight, or take some Dramamine to knock yourself out. I used to freak out about flying before I was on medication, because I had serious anxiety issues. No problem now!

Mrs. said...

So proud of those Lakes boys too! :)
My husband flies all the time. While he's flying I obsessively check flight tracker 80 times. Just to make sure he's okay. :)