Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The One with the Blue & White Game

My husband is kind of a big Kentucky Wildcats fan. Like "name your pet after the head coach " big fan. Or "try to talk your wife into naming your son after one of the players" big fan.
In the past he and his brother, Don{or as Moosey likes to call him, "Papaw"} have camped out-in tents- for tickets to the first practice of the year. This year tickets to Big Blue Madness were going to be really hard to come by. Some fans camped out for DAYS. So, instead they decided to head down for the annual scrimmage game, the Blue & White game.
The game is played on a Tuesday night, a school night. I was a little hesitant about the twins going but Chuck promised they'd do their homework in the car and would sleep on the drive home. So they went.

And had the best time. Uncle Don, Zachary, and Chuck's parents went too. Jackson was still a little too young to make the trip-maybe next year.

Jackson, Moose and I got to watch them on TV. Yup, right before and after the commercial break the camera zoomed onto the boys dancing and having a good time. Pretty funny.
Can you tell that the twins are kind of big Kentucky fans too? Sigh. I guess I'll get to spend time with them come March. {Or April depending on how this season goes...}

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