Thursday, November 18, 2010

The One Where The Football Season Ended

That's right, people, the football season officially came to an end last week. I have a whole month and a half of free Saturdays before basketball starts up.
Woo Hoo!!
And I have to say that last football Saturday of the year was bone chilling COLD! The boys had to wear sweatshirts and pants under their uniforms. Moose had on a big winter coat-it was very, very cold.
I love the player introductions-unfortunately I waited until this particular game to take pictures. They kind of look like homeless people with all the clothes on.
The Tuesday after their last games, we headed out to a mega-church in our area for the awards ceremony.
The kids had a lot of fun-there was a magician and one of the Bengals spoke to the kids-Morgan Trent.
I was on Moose duty. Which was just as challenging as I thought it would be. He was running up and down the aisles before the program started. Once the speakers got on stage, he was super bored. He was throwing fruit snacks and asking me to go home. It was kind of brutal.
 Then, all of the sudden (after he spit chocolate cookies everywhere and I had to take him to the bathroom and use baby wipes to get him-and myself- clean) he just laid down on the pew next to me and fell asleep. And slept the last half hour. It was awesome. Note to self: bring a lot more stuff to entertain the Moose when attending awards functions for the boys.
I'm glad the boys are able to play the sports they are interested in and experience being on a team. But I'm also relieved when we get our life back at the end of each season.
Well, until the next sports season starts up, that is. ;)

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