Friday, July 9, 2010

The One With the Lakes Family Reunion

It's an annual tradition-around the 4th of July we head down to Jackson County, Kentucky for the Lakes family reunion. The boys really look forward to it; they get to ride horses and ATVs, play basketball with their cousins, and hang out on a big inflatable water slide. Chuck and I love it, because we get to see extended family we don't normally get to and we get to visit with Great Grandma. (And eat some delicious country green beans-I admit it, I am completely addicted to them!)

Moosey did really well on the car ride down. Until we got about 2 minutes from our destination, when he hurled. Apparently, he did get at least one of my genes-the carsick gene. Poor guy.

The boys really had a great time. Moose spent most of the time walking around, convincing people to give him sugar-I'm pretty sure the only things he ate all day were cake and cookies. Jackson spent much of the time playing with Andrew and the younger cousins on the water slide.

Bryce and Jarron decided they were too old for the water slide and stuck with basketball and ATVs. (Although, Jarron finally did get hot enough to spend a few minutes in the water.)

It's crazy to watch the boys playing basketball with Chuck and the older cousins-it seems like just yesterday that I was bringing them in their car seats and 4th of July onesies. Not liking this getting older thing all that much!

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