Friday, July 9, 2010

The One With Fireworks!

I love the 4th of July. I love the idea of taking time out to celebrate our freedom and to honor those who have fought for it. And I love fireworks. A lot.
This year we missed the Fairfield fireworks show because we were in Kentucky. But, lucky for us, the Princeton Pike Church of God in Liberty was hosting Light Up Liberty!
Before the fireworks show there was a car show. I was surprised by how many cars/trucks/motorcycles were there. Chuck was excited to see that his friend Rick was there with his Kentucky Wildcats car. Chuck and Don go down to Lexington to camp out for tickets to theWildcats Midnight Madness event and Rick is always the first or second person in line. He has a Ford Mustang that is custom painted with Kentucky Wildcats graphics, on the inside there is custom stitching and autographs from tons players. Basically, it's Chuck's dream car.

Bobbi, James and their boys met us after the car show and we settled down to wait for the show to start. James brought his iPad and the boys (especially Jackson and Blaze) had a great time playing with that. (And yes, I am super jealous of his iPad-I really, really want one but there is no way I am shelling out $500 for a super sized iPhone).
Moose got super fussy after about 20 minutes of waiting and went into full-on melt-down territory until Uncle Jay saved the day by pulling out some Combos. The kid loves food; the easiest way to buy his silence is to give him something edible.

The fireworks were really good! I even got some decent pictures of them this year. (Yay me!)

I really want to get one of those mini-tripod things like this gorillapod. This thing would make taking pictures at night a breeze! I'll have to add it my wishlist! :)

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