Thursday, July 8, 2010

The One Where Jarron's Dream Came True

As I may have mentioned in a previous post, we've been to Kings Island quite a few times this year. And each and every time we go, our first stop is the customer service booth. We go there to get the all important 54" wristband. The glowing neon orange accessory allows Bryce to ride the serious roller coasters. Jarron is just a smidgen shorter than Bryce and every time we go, he stands as straight and tall as he can in hopes of getting the elusive bracelet. Up until last week, he hadn't been able to get it.
Last week, we met Don, Retta, and their boys after work to ride a few rides before close.

As we always do, we hit the customer service booth, where Bryce walked out with the orange bracelet but Jarron did not. No big deal-there are plenty of other rides to ride. Retta and I took the smaller boys to Snoopy Land, while the big boys hit the coasters.

Andrew, Jack-Jack, and Moose had a lot of fun together. Moose got really attached to Retta and wanted her to carry him and put him on rides. Andrew was so excited to ride the Beetlebug ride with Moosey-it was so cute to see how much he loved his little cousin. And Jackson finally got to ride the Linus Launcher and Kite Eating Tree Rides!

But on the other side of the park, someone else's dream was coming true. When we met back up with Chuck and Don, Jarron came running towards me, stopped and thrust his wrist in the air.
There it was--the orange bracelet! Apparently, they decided to try one more place to get the wristband and a teenager at the Firehawk coaster measured Jarron. Despite Jarron tippy toeing, the guy declared him good and gave him the bracelet. Chuck said they immediately took off for Diamondback and rode it back to back to back. Jarron was so happy-he kept saying, "Mom am I dreaming? Nope, I'm awake. This is the best night ever!"
 He wore the wristband for the next three days until we finally convinced him that it was time to cut it off.

I'm sure your wondering what's with the Egyptian poses in these photos-that's actually the "John Wall Dance". For those of you who aren't obsessed with Kentucky basketball-John Wall played for UK last year and was the #1 NBA draft pick. He also has a dance-which all of our boys (including Moose) know and love. Don's boys also know and love the dance. In fact, a couple of Sundays ago, we were sitting in the pew in front of Loretta and Andrew during evening service. Andrew tapped Chuck on the arm mid-way through the service, and when Chuck turned around, Andrew just started doing the John Wall Dance. It was so random-it was all Chuck and I could do to keep from laughing.
Love nights like these!

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Stacey said...

I literally laughed out loud about Jarron's dream come true. That was awesome. I can see my Clay now working the same way. He's dying to ride the bigger roller coasters already, at 3!