Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The One Where Jackson Lost His First Tooth

My baby lost his first tooth on Thursday. Okay, so technically he's not a baby, he'll be six years old next week, but he's still my baby.
It's so weird to see his little gap toothed smile.

He was super excited for the tooth fairy to visit him. I had to explain that she wouldn't come if he:
a-stayed up all night to catch her
b-set booby traps around the room to catch her
c-hid the tooth so that she had to stay in his room to catch her
Do you see a theme? The kid was determined to catch her. In the end, she slipped in without him knowing and left him a dollar.

Which led to this email from Chuck about Jackson:
I just called Jack to see if the Tooth Fairy visited him last night.  He said yes, I got $1 dollar, now I have $50 dollars.  I said $50 dollars, how did you get that?  He said, I had $5 dollars then the Tooth Fairy gave me $1 dollar, and that makes $50 dollars.

We'll be working on the math skills before school starts back up.

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Ladybugcda said...

✧*¨*•.¸✧☆✧Sprinkles of Toothfairydust to mark this special milestone!✧*¨*•.¸✧☆✧
Tooth Fairy