Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The One Where We Witnessed A Crime

This past Saturday, we had one of those days that I love-nothing to do and nowhere to be. Chuck, as he does most Saturdays-because he is a good husband and daddy, got up before me and got the boys breakfast. When I finally dragged myself downstairs (did I mention that I'm not much of a morning person? At all?), he said, "We should take the boys to the Carew Tower today." Hmmmnnnn...

For those of you who aren't Cincinnatians the Carew Tower is currently the tallest building in downtown Cincinnati. You can take an elevator up 49 flights and walk out onto the open air top deck. There is also a mall on the main level. The building is old, and the architecture is pretty cool.

And for those of you who don't know me well, I have a deep, deep fear of heights. Just thinking about being that high up makes me break out into a cold sweat and I start shaking. But he was excited and the boys were excited, so I went.

I am proud to say that I went all the way to the top of the tower without freaking out. We met a really nice couple from Georgia that gave the boys quarters to use in the viewfinders. The twins were tall enough but Jackson still needed a couple of inches to see.

It was blazing hot so we didn't stay long but it was neat to see the newest building being finished (it will be taller than the Carew Tower) and to see the Bengals stadium from above.

I haven't been downtown in awhile, we just live so far out in the suburbs and we don't really have a reason to come down very often. And I admit, I don't think downtown Cincy is the safest place in the world. But since we were there on a sunny Saturday morning, I felt pretty safe.
Apparently criminals are criminals no matter if the sun is shining or not. While looking for the skywalk, we saw two men running full speed down the mall. Chuck and I both thought at first that it was older teenagers acting rude. We quickly realized that one man was running and the other was chasing him. We were watching a thief try to allude an undercover security guard! Chuck quickly pulled the boys and me to the side so that we wouldn't get run down. The security guard's walkie talkie went flying off as he ran past us. Chuck picked it up and handed it to the uniformed guard at the desk. She calmly took it and went about her business. No reaction at all. Almost as if it happened all the time. Which maybe it does-but it left us a little shaken. If nothing else it was certainly memorable!

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