Thursday, July 29, 2010

The One With Tennis on Fountain Square

After visiting the Carew Tower, we headed over to Fountain Square. I love Fountain Square.

When I worked downtown, I loved going down at lunch and just people watching. The Tyler Davidson Fountain is so cool, I was really excited for the boys to experience it.

Lucky for us, the US Tennis Association was on the Square holding some kind of event promoting tennis for kids. They asked if the boys would like to play. Tennis on Fountain Square? How cool is that? Sign us up!
I signed some waivers and they hooked the boys up with wristbands and racquets and let them hit a few balls. Then the tennis pros got there and played doubles with the twins. The twins really enjoyed it and seemed to catch on really quickly.

Jackson got to play singles but was more interested in modeling for the photographer there to take pictures for the USTA website. (They aren't up yet. I'll add a link to them when they are posted.)

Afterwards, Bryce and Jarron both asked if they could play tennis again sometime. I'll have to look and see if there are any programs in our area. That's the really neat thing about our boys, they always want to try new things. I love that about them!

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