Thursday, July 22, 2010

The One Where Jackson Turned Six!

Wow. Has it really been six years since this happened?
I love those last two pictures-even the super blurry one. Because that expression on their faces? Pure bliss. They were thrilled to be big brothers. And I was so thrilled to have Jackson Scott join our family.




Looking at these reminds me of how quickly a year flies by. Of how fast they go from being a baby to a toddler to a boy.
When I looked back at the pictures of him from the last six years, a flood memories washed over me. His first tooth, first haircut, and first steps. How he'd follow the twins around even before he could walk, just trying to keep up. The way he used to say "memonade" instead of lemonade. The way he would spend hours in the baby swing in our backyard. The way he hated the beach and sat on a towel the whole time complaining about the sand. How he used to wear a Power Rangers glove only on one hand and would insist on wearing it to bed. The way he cried the entire time he played soccer his first year and how happy he was when he scored his first touchdown in football. The way he climbed onto the school bus for the first time without tears and without a look back. How little he looked getting baptized but how strong his voice was when he declared his faith. And how amazing it is to see him teaching his little brother all the things his big brothers taught him.

SIX random things about Jackson at SIX:
-He can hear a song on the radio twice and know the lyrics by heart.
-He can clear any video game you put in front of him within days of getting it.
-He is scared of the dark but doesn't flinch when you give him a shot.
-His favorite toys are anything related to video games, his Zhu Zhu pets, and his Legos.
-He can swim like a fish and LOVES the water.
-He will only eat the main dish of any meal you serve him (he won't touch side dishes like noodles or rice).

Jackson. Baby Jack. Apple Jacks. Action Jackson. Monkey. Our boy. We are so proud of you. We love you so much and couldn't imagine life without you.
Happy 6th Birthday Jack-Jack, we love you more than you'll know.

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Stacey said...

Awesome! Love the twins' expressions when they're holding their little brother. And love the "born to be cute" t-shirt. All your boys were born to be cute! They are going to have the ladies swooning when they get older. Again, Happy 6th Birthday Jackson!