Sunday, July 22, 2012

He's Gr{eight}!!

My sweet little brown eyed boy-
{Okay, I probably can't call you little for very much longer, but you will ALWAYS be my brown eyed boy.} Happy eighth birthday! I am so proud of the wonderful young man you are becoming. You are so very smart and kind.
I know that most people, those who don't really know you all that well, think you are serious and quiet. But I know the real you. The little boy with the dry sense of humor that absolutely cracks us all up. The boy with the smile that will literally light up a room. It takes you awhile to warm up to situations but when you do, man, there's no stopping you.

I used to worry that you lacked self-confidence but I know that's not the case. You know who you are, you just quietly go about your business. I love that about you. You aren't at all concerned what other people think, you are perfectly content being you. You are fearless and strong.
I love being around you, because in the chaos and disorder that is sometimes my day to day, you ground me. {Yes, you, my 8 year old son grounds me.} Your quiet spirit and calm demeanor helps me to focus on what really matters.
There's a song that I listen to sometimes called "Quiet Your Mind", one of the lyrics are "If you're too busy talking, you're not busy listening". You ALWAYS listen. You hear everything, it seems. You take it all in and decide what's right, what you believe and then you act.
You really do amaze me, Jackson. You are so very smart but you never, ever show off. You can solve puzzles and clear video games without really even trying but you never brag about it. You win awards at school and I find them crumpled in the bottom of your backpack. Not because you don't care but because the limelight isn't your thing.
You're just you. And the you that you are is pretty amazing. Never forget that.
I hope you come to find that the limelight is okay sometimes-I saw you enjoy it a little bit with your school play this past year-you strolled across the stage in a dog costume {with just one line} and just about stole the show. Because, like me, when people see you, really see you they think you are pretty amazing too.

I love you so much, Jackson Scott. Keep being who you are. I have no doubt you are going to accomplish great things someday. I thank God everyday for giving you to us.
Your Momma


Mary Pat Siehl said...

beautiful!!! happy birthday

Becky said...

Happy birthday Jackson :)

Deedee Horton said...

What a sweet sweet boy! Happy birthday to Jackson!

scrappymo! said...

Your son sounds like an amazing little boy. The best part is that he will now grow into an amazing man!