Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Whine

I'm sure you're here visiting for Ten on Tuesday right? Unfortunately, instead you get a Wednesday whine. Our youngest child, aka Moose, aka the kid who will not sleep through the night more than 3 days in a row, gave quite the performance last night. I knew he was in rare form, so I had prepared myself by going to bed early. Moosey started his awful screaming at 9:30, so I gave him some Motrin (teething) and brought him into our room. At first it was nice, he was cuddled up all nice and sweet against me,  and I thought to myself, "better enjoy this now, because before you know it he'll be 8 years old and you'll be lucky to get a goodbye kiss." That was my thought as I drifted off to sleep at least.
Only to be woken up by a sippy cup to the head at 3AM. Apparently Moose was thirsty and I had not responded to quickly enough to his whimpering for more water, so he chucked the cup at my head. Awesome.
So now, not only am I tired (3AM was not his only wake up) but my head still kinda hurts. So here's the whine-why, oh why can't this child sleep through the night on a regular basis? Good thing he's so stinking cute.

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