Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. So for those of us living in Ohio, I'll state the obvious, we got some snow the last few days. And by some, I mean about 10 inches or so total between the two storms. This weekend's storm wasn't too awful but today we got hit hard. So we sent the kids out to play in it. (One of them without a hat-awesome parenting skills at work as usual!).

Bryce the hatless kid, that will probably have a cold this weekend.

Jarron, the sensible one. 

The Moose in a somewhat staged photo (he sat there like a statue not moving a muscle-I don't think he likes snow too much)

2. Some of you are probably doing the math in your head right now....wait a minute isn't there four Lakes boys? Why yes, yes there is. But this Lakes boy doesn't really care for snow. He'd prefer to hang out in pajamas that are wee bit too small (but he refuses to stop wearing) and pretend to be Spiderman. Can't say I really blame him.

3. I had two of my funniest conversations of the week with Jackson. The first was completely random.
Jackson: Why did you name me Jackson?
Me: Because Daddy and I liked it and Jack is a family name.
Jackson: Why couldn't you name me something cool? Can I change my name?
Me (using my standard answer): When you are 18.
Jackson: I'm changing my name to Snakeman Lakes. That's a cool name!
Me (trying not to laugh): It's different. Where'd you come up with that?
Jackson: I just thought of it. I like snakes.
Conversation number two happened a few days later.
Jackson: Can I get a wolf?
Me: Like a stuffed wolf?
Jackson: No a real one.
Me: I don't think so.
Jackson: When I'm 18, I'm getting a black wolf.
Me: Where are you going to keep him?
J: In my house.
Me: Won't he be kinda big for that?
J (looking at me like I'm crazy): I'm not gonna get a big one, I'll get a baby one. He won't bite or anything.
Me: I don't think wolves live in houses.
J: Haven't you read Little Red Riding Hood?
Point taken.
 Snakeman Lakes, wolf tamer

4. I got not one, but two, new floor cleaners this week. The first is a new vacuum and was my 5 year anniversary gift from my company. (Yes, I chose a vacuum rather than a two man tent or a watch-I'm nothing if not practical.) Let me just say I love the new vacuum, it one of those lightweight deals that does carpets and hardwood floors-buh-bye broom! The other floor cleaner is something Chuck had actually requested-a Shark steam mop. It's very, very cool. It doesn't use chemicals or cleaners, just ordinary tap water. The steam does a really thorough job of cleaning and it's very easy to use-buh-bye Swiffer WetJet!

5. Uncle Don requested that I put photos of the car he made for Andrew for drive in movie night on the blog. Uncle Don goes a little bit overboard on these things. :) Well, see for yourself:
That's his-the hot rod with flames. Seriously. For the record-we were just supposed to decorate cardboard boxes to sit in for drive in movie night. I think the wheels actual moved on that thing.
Here's a look at it with Andrew in it:

Yes, that's a passenger in the car with Andrew. And a personalized license plate. Nice-I just noticed that. I like to give Don a hard time but he has some serious car decorating skills.

6. If I ever agree to plan two different Valentine's parties for two different kids on the same day at two different schools, just slap me, okay? Not my best idea ever. But these little ladybugs will be an awesome craft (I hope).

(the kids will be adding the eyes and hearts for polka dots)

7. Is it just me or does he look like he is a teenager in this picture? Stop growing up so fast. Please.

8. I wish Chipotle delivered, then I would eat it every night for dinner. Just putting that out there.

9. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the boxing gloves my son obtained at the AWANA store, this week it was badminton rackets. What's next- nunchucks and Chinese stars? Honestly. It's like a store full of potential weapons. The boys LOVE it. Me? Not so much.

10. Chuck has just about taught Moosey to do the John Wall dance. (Go on google it, I'll wait.) I'll get it on video and post it this weekend. It's pretty stinking funny. He is also teaching him exercises-that is really funny to watch. Chuck and mini-Chuck exercising together. Hee.

How you doin'?

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Stacey said...

Don, seriously? You just HAD to make a hotrod? Granted, it's pretty cool.

I've wondered how nice that steam mop was. Wish I had one, not real crazy about the Swiffer WetJet, but it was the best until the steam mop came about. Don't tell my employer!

That Jackson is funny! I'm just patiently waiting to hear some of the stuff to come out of Clay's mouth at that age. His mind is always turning.