Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm beginning to feel like we live in Alaska or something. Ohio just isn't supposed to be so snowy. There is literally two canyons of snow on either side of our driveway, where we have been constantly shoveling the cars out.  I blame Puxatawney Phil for this, if only that little rodent hadn't seen his shadow!

Check out the snow in the backyard: (that's a full size ruler!)
What you can't read it? Here, get closer...

2. I just finished the book Game Change, about the 2008 presidential election-it was really, really interesting. If you are into politics, I highly recommend it. And I am very into politics (I was a Poli Sci major until my advisor told me I'd never find a job after graduation.), good book!

3. My super awesome hubby turned 35 this weekend. (He reads this blog, so I have to nice things about him-kidding. :>) We celebrated by letting him take 3 of the 4 boys snow tubing with our friends, the Noonans. Denise and I stayed warm and dry at the house hanging out with the Moose. Fun was had by all!



4. I just found the coolest scrapbooking product today-it is totally going to change the way I scrapbook. These two little strips of plastic are going to allow me to abandon those silly three ring albums and return to the wonderful world of post bound albums. So happy. You can read more about it here. 

5. I helped out at Bryce and Jackson's Valentine's parties last week. Bryce's teacher shared a pretty funny story with me. She got engaged this past week and invited her fiancee to the class party. Bryce told her that he needed to check the guy out and make sure "he was good enough for her". I guess at some point they got to ask the fiancee questions. (Oh boy.) Bryce said, " I have two questions-one-who is your favorite football team?" The fiancee said, "Ohio State" to which Bryce replied, "Ok, I'll give you that one and and two-do you like to wear fleece?" Quick background here, Bryce loves to wear fleece pull overs-he thinks they are the most comfortable clothing ever. The fiancee said, "Sure, I'm wearing one right now." 
Later on, Bryce pulled his teacher aside and said "I'm still not sure he's good enough for you, I think I need to get to know him a little better first, but I guess he's okay for now." That afternoon on the way home, Bryce said, "I was pretty impressed with Mr F-he got us some really cool valentines, none of those baby cartoon things-manly sports stuff, maybe he'll be good for Miss D after all." That's our Bryce.

6. Jackson's class loved the little valentine craft I organized. Jackson, however,  was far more interested in going through his Valentines-on the way home he sorted them into piles-"cool ones" (Bakugan and Spiderman), "delicious ones" (Fun Dip, suckers, etc.) and "stupid girly ones" (also called the garbage pile). BTW, those were his names for the piles, not mine.

7. Jarron decided to ignore all games, crafts and socializing at his class party and instead focus on the important stuff-food. He brought home his creative writing assignment this week-it's a story called "Burger Time" about 4 crime fighting, food eating contestants.  Fighting crimes and eating 50 hamburgers all in an afternoon's work! Such a Jarron thing to write.

8.I feel like the Moose has grown up overnight. The shirt he is wearing this picture? It's a 4T. Granted, it ran a little small but still, the kid is only 17 months old, for Pete's sake.

9. Have you ever been so tired, you just can't seem to move a muscle? Have you ever been so tired that you fell asleep mid-bite? Moosey has...
Seriously, he fell asleep in the middle of eating cheese! Who does that?

10. I really, really wish it would stop snowing. I don't even want to think about how muddy my yard is going to be when it all melts.


Sophia said...

This is a cute post! Love all the Valentine's pictures...and the one of your baby sleeping with the cheese in his mouth...priceless!! lol

Courtney Walsh said...

Oops. My daughter was logged in. That was actually MY comment. lol

Cooking Running Girl said...

Miss D just wanted to stop by and say I loved the post about Bryce. :) Mr. F was very nervous about meeting all of my students, especially the one that said "I've got to check this guy out." :) Your blog is a great way to store memories of your boys, great idea! :)

Miss D

Christina said...

Thanks for stopping by Miss D-in case you didn't already know-Bryce is quite fond of you, so he felt like it was his "job" to make sure Mr F checked out. Hee.