Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I went to Muffins with Mom at the twins' school this past Friday. As you can see from the picture, they were thrilled to have me there. Always fun to go hang out with the boys on their turf. At one point some of the little girls in Bryce's class were whispering behind us: "No, you go tell him-you're the one that likes him" "Well, you're the one that wants to hug Bryce".
Bryce just looked at me said, "Don't make eye contact, mom, just pretend you didn't hear them."
I wish that I could.

2. Quiet weekend here at the Lakes homestead-the twins had a basketball game on Saturday and then I slept for the next eight hours. Why did I sleep? Awful, awful migraine headache. Oh, and I missed the entire first period of the twins' game-I'm not a morning person on my best days but add on a raging headache and it isn't pretty. I'm just proud that I was able to function enough to get me and the two little ones there and back. Little victories...

3. The Moose was looking pretty cute at church this week-I love the sweater vest combo on little guys.
My son is obsessed with remotes, we literally have to hide them from him (and sometimes from ourselves!)

4. And this is what happens when you give a Moose spaghetti...they want more...

5. I'm currently reading Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky-so far, so good. It's about a woman who has a baby that looks nothing like either parent-turns out that the father has some interesting branches on his family tree that he didn't know about. I'll let you know how it turns out.

6. Jarron's appointment at the GI specialist went really good (Or is it well? Where is Grammar Girl when you need her?)-they are pretty sure they've figured out his issue, which they think is IBS. We met with a nutritionist and got lots of good tips on how to manage it going forward. I'm really hoping this was the answer we'd been looking for, he's been dealing with stomach pain for nearly a year now.
Nope, not gonna smile.

7. I just had to google how to tie my new scarf that I plan to wear to work tomorrow. Let's just say fashion is not one of my strengths. Sad but true, people.

8. Since he finished the John Wall dance brainwashing, Chuck is currently trying to teach Brody how to say "WHHAAATTT". So far it's not happening.
Yeah, so the kid looks nothing like me-completely his Daddy's boy.

9. Scrapbook night is this Friday and I can not wait. I have been putting together page kits and sketching out ideas for weeks.

10. I'm betting that nearly everyone who clicked on the link to Grammar Girl (love that site, BTW) thinks I'm the biggest nerd ever. And I am okay with that. Good grammar is cool.

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