Wednesday, October 7, 2009

They Are Going to Name a Wing After Us...

I made yet another visit to Children's Hospital this week. This time for Jackson. Who bit a hole through his tongue! {I know!} Apparently, he was playing on our playset when he fell off the ladder, his knee came up and hit his chin, and he bit his tongue. Nana (my mom) said there was a lot of bleeding and she called me immediately at work. Having just been to Children's with Moose, I was better prepared this time. I packed up Jackson (who was very calm and not crying in the least bit),the Nintendo DS for him and a book for me. After a five hour wait (the DS lost it's luster after hour 3), we were told that tongue lacerations, however deep(and his was DEEP), do not require stitches and were sent on our way.

And that was how I spent my Monday night. I think by the time we raise these boys to adulthood, Children's will be able to build a new wing with all of the co-pays for ER visits we'll have contributed.

In other news, Bryce decided his nickname for football should be Ochocinco. Which is appropriate, since he's sort of known for his outgoing nature at Upward basketball games. (He makes an "entrance"-sometimes he enters the player tunnel backwards, other times spinning into a half split and giving the crowd the "call me" sign. I have no idea were he gets it.)

Bryce scored a touchdown this week and did a little celebrating in the end zone a la "Ochocinco". He did an elaborate fist pump and then used his hands for guns (much like a Dallas Cowboy would). He then proceeded to chest bump all of his teammates. A dad near me said (in a shocked but amused tone) "that kid is awesome". I guess he didn't expect to see that at a 3rd grade Upward game. Love that kid. (Although when I saw him studying the real Ochocinco's attempted dive into the Dawg pound during the Bengals game, I made it clear we would NOT catch him if he tried that at Upward!)

Football means cooler temperatures-I love sweater weather! I dressed all the boys in sweaters for church this past Sunday-they looked pretty stinking cute, not that I am biased or anything.

Unless someone else gets sick or injured (I seriously hope not-I'm way too familiar with the hospital right now!), Moose's 1st birthday party will be this Friday. Check back for that recap!


Theta Mom said...

What cute pictures! Awesome! Just found your blog from MBC and I would love to be a new follower if you follow as well. :)

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.