Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!! :)

It's been a loooong couple of weeks. We celebrated Moose's birthday at home on his actual birthday, his basketball hoop was a big hit!

Can you tell he is Chuck's son? Already addicted to basketball!

His party was scheduled for Saturday but when I came home from work Friday, he was pretty sick. He was burning up and his little cheeks were completely red. I took him to Children's. The waiting room was packed. We went to the Fairfield location, which is usually less crowded, but not that night. In fact, they shut it down about 30 minutes after we got there, they just had too many patients.

The nurse asked me to have Brody wear a protective mask, since he had a fever and cough. He wanted nothing to do with that mask; and after two attempts (he literally tore it off), I gave up. We settled into a corner of the waiting room that was somewhat empty. He just laid in my arms the whole time, completely miserable and breathing really hard. It was scary to see him so sick. (And pretty surreal to be in a waiting room full of kids with the masks on! Apparently, they are no taking no chances with this swine flu thing!)

We finally got called back and they took his temp-103.7! Yikes. Now I was completely freaked out and said so. The nurse said, "we're actually more worried about his breathing at this point." Double yikes! It turned out that in addition to his severe ear infection (which caused the fever), he also had croup. Croup causes your airways to swell up and makes it very difficult to breathe. Fortunately, they were able to give Moose steroids to open his airway and he started breathing better within 15 minutes. Whew.

Feeling better!

He was still a pretty sick Moose, so we had to cancel his birthday party and he and I spent the weekend hanging out at home. Meanwhile, our big boys still had football and church. So, Chuck had to do a lot of running around! Poor guy.

Before Moosey's birthday and unfortunately timed illness, we had a few fun outings that I haven't mentioned. We got to go to the Cincinnati Zoo when it was closed to the public. The company Chuck works for arranged for the zoo to be open to their employees after hours. It was neat to see the animals at night and it nice not having to fight the crowds. The weather was perfect and the boys had a blast.

Loved the elephants!

The boys at Gibbon's Island

Cutest monkey in the zoo!

Bryce, Jarron and Jackson had their first official football games. They seem to be really enjoying it and they are actually pretty good for it being their first year!


Jackson learning a play...

Jarron snapping the ball...

And my samples for my candle business all arrived! Yay! So excited, I've been doing a lot of preparations behind the scenes, getting my website all set up, labeling my flyers, and all that fun stuff. I plan on handing out samples and flyers to all the moms that bring their kids by for trick or treating. Hopefully, that gets me a few more clients!

Looking forward to this weekend-the boys have pictures for football and I have to get things ready for Brody's rescheduled birthday party! Have a great weekend!

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