Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. It was actually a relatively quiet week at the Lakes' household. Which is a good thing, because I think next week will be full of adventure and fun. In the meantime, we are celebrating a few more birthdays around here. For example, this little man (circa 2005) will be 5 next week. Check back next week for Jackson's extra special post.

Look at those curls!

2. And this little guy turns 7 today! I can't believe Blaze is already 7. He is such a sweet and funny kid. I love that he and our boys get to be together practically everyday. He reminds me so much of my brother-the same mannerisms and attitudes. I swear the kid knew every episode of Star Trek before he was 3 years old! Happy Birthday Blaze, we feel so happy to have you in our lives!

Little Blaze 2005

One of my favorite pictures of Blaze and the twins

3. Our Moose is everywhere these days. He has completely mastered the art of crawling. In fact I caught him in action when Bobbi was attempting to take his nine month photos this Sunday. {I forgot how hard it was to keep a 9 month old sitting still-brutal!}

4. And here is my lame attempt at photographing Moose-such a preppy little man!

5. While we were at the park, I snuck in a few shots of the big boys. It's a rare day when they smile for their Momma's camera, so I took full advantage. When did they get so big? It breaks my heart to know that my days of getting hugs and kisses from them are numbered.




6. The park we went to for the photos is really cool. Highfield Discovery Gardens is in Springdale, Ohio. The boys loved it, we will definitely be frequent visitors!

Frog & Toad books are favorites in this house!

How cool is this misting tunnel?

7. On a completely unrelated note-I love Duck adhesive for working on my scrapbooks-it's super easy to use, not messy and very affordable. So imagined how bummed I was when not one, but two of my rollers were defective. So, I emailed them. And guess what? They are sending me out a 4-pack to replace the defective rolls! Yay for Duck adhesive! {If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it-JoAnns or Wal-Mart carries it-I use my ATG gun at home but you can't beat Duck for crops.}

8. I'm a little concerned by how much "stuff" I need to pack for vacation for Brody. I haven't traveled with a baby in a long while. I am hopeful that things go easier than I anticipate.

9. Jackson has requested Bendaroos from his Aunt Retta for his birthday. This is in keeping with his trends from past holidays-he loves the As Seen on TV products. He has requested the bubble maker (act now and they will throw in bath crayons), swirly markers (create one of a kind designs), and now the Bendaroos (portable fun!). In fact at Applebee's on Sunday, he said, "Too bad I don't have my Bendaroos, they are perfect for long restuarant waits." Hee.

10. Am I the only who thinks this summer has flown by? It seems like we just opened the pool and Target is already stocked with back to school gear. Geesh!

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Stacey said...

Genna is dying to have the Bendaroos too! My husband looked it up, and people were complaining that they were charged for two sets, when the commercials say you get one extra set free.