Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: All American Edition

1. We had a blast celebrating the 4th of July this weekend! (Get it? A "blast"? Ha!) Our weekend started off with fireworks at Harbin Park on Friday. The fireworks were really good, they lasted about a half hour. As they were going off, I kept feeling things land on me. I thought they were bugs, but it turns out they were pieces of spent fireworks! We all had them big chunks fall on us (they looked like burnt pieces of newspaper). The boys that was very cool. (So did their Mom!) :)

2. This little Moose seemed to love watching the fireworks, he wasn't scared at all. In fact despite the loud booms, he fell asleep about five minutes in.

3. We were lucky to spend the few hours leading up to the fireworks with my brother James and his family, and Chuck's brother Don and his family. There were 9 boys running around our viewing spot-lots of card playing, ball throwing, and laughter-it was awesome.

4. I got my iPhone a couple of weeks ago, I'm not sure I mentioned that on the blog yet. I love all the apps you can use that I couldn't use with my iTouch. I really like Shazaam. My brother, who sometimes reads this blog, loves it too. He won't admit it though. I think he's jealous. :)

He looks jealous here, doesn't he? :)

5. On Saturday, we went down to Jackson County, to celebrate the 4th of July with the Lakes at the family reunion. The boys had a lot of fun riding the ATVs and playing with their cousins (and second cousins).

6. There was a large inflatable water slide at the reunion but it was actually a little chilly that day. Bryce, Jarron, and Jackson were all determined to try it out though. They each lasted maybe 5 minutes before heading for their towels.

7. Jackson loves extra pickles on his burgers. LOVES them. Chuck hates asking for special orders at fast foods drive thru's. So on the way home from Kentucky, we stopped at McDonalds. My sister in law Trish was with us and wanted a plain burger. So Chuck looked at me and said, "I'm not asking for extra pickles-he won't notice." We got about a mile down the road, when Jackson in an extremely sarcastic four year old little voice pipes up, "Well, that's AWESOME, there are NO extra PICKLES on my burger!" "Sure there are", we replied. "NOOOOOO, there is ONE pickle on my burger, THAT is not EXTRA!" By this time, we are trying not to laugh, and Chuck mumbled something about forgetting to ask for extra. The car was silent for a minute and then, in an even more sarcastic voice than before, we hear, "You're AWESOME, Dad." Hee. Too funny. There really sad part? Both of his brothers had 2 or 3 pickles on their burgers. We got to hear about the lack of pickles for another 30 miles. It was AWESOME.

8. Speaking of awesome, I haven't had a coke in six weeks! How awesome is that? They say it takes 6 weeks to start or break a habit, so hitting this milestone is a big deal for me. Yay me!

9. My nephew Donnie turns 14 this weekend. Fourteen! I had zero experience with babies when Donnie was born. Honestly? Babies scared me! And while he screamed every time I held him that first year, I LOVED every opportunity I got to spend with him. As he grew up, I loved being his aunt, taking him to the mall, the children's museum, just hanging out with him. I can not believe he will be fourteen. I am so proud of the amazing young man he's grown up to be. He's kind, funny and an extremely talented actor/singer. Happy Birthday, Donnie, we love you!

Little Donnie holding one of the twins-2001

10. I love this photo of Jackson pushing Moose in the swing. I love how little and big these hands look. I love that these two get along so well. I'm a lucky Mommy!

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Stacey said...

I LOVE the story about the pickles. It's AWESOME!