Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Five Years Ago Today

Our family of four became a family of five. Jackson Scott arrived at 8:24 AM on July 22, 2004. After what would turn out to be my easiest and most uncomplicated pregnancy, he was born via a scheduled C-section on a sunny Thursday morning.

From the start he was a quiet, calm baby. He was much more reserved than the twins (he has certainly come out of that shell in the last year!).
We knew pretty much right away that he would have his Momma's dark hair and brown eyes, and yet he still looked so much like his brothers.

First Christmas

He was such an easy baby, he rarely cried or threw fits.
First Birthday

When he was about a year old, he was diagnosed with a rare genetic defect. While in the womb, his neural tube did not close and brain tissue grew into his nasal passages, completely blocking one nostril.
With the diagnosis came a really scary time for us as parents, with talk of CAT scans, surgeries and neurologists. It was terrifying. Chuck and I leaned heavily on God and our faith. Our entire church and families prayed for Jackson daily. Through it all, he continued to be the calm, sweet baby he had always been.
Jackson had surgery on 8/19/08-probably one of the hardest days of my life. Nothing can prepare you for handing your child over to a surgeon and walking away. Nothing.

When the surgery was finally over the doctor sat us down and explained that while the tissue was deeper in his nose than they had thought, it was not attached to his brain. There was no need for neurosurgery! He told us he couldn't believe it, that he had never seen a like Jackson's that didn't result in brain surgery.

But God wasn't done yet, He had more miracles in store for our Jackson.

The tissue removed from the bridge of Jackson's nose left a large hole, almost like a third nostril. A month after his first surgery, Jackson was scheduled for plastic surgery to fill in the hole. Again, we prayed and again we handed our son over to surgeons. Unlike the first surgery, we were called back within minutes. The doctor looked astonished when he told us that he couldn't medically explain it but the hole had healed on it's own. There was no need for another surgery. He said to us, "it's a miracle."

Needless to say, we can't celebrate Jackson's birthday without remembering what a miracle it is to have him in our lives, completely healthy.

The following year, he celebrated his second birthday with cake and ice cream...

And then for his third birthday Mr. Mickey Mouse himself brought out a cupcake and sang him "Happy Birthday"...

On his fourth birthday, he had his first friend party at Parky's Farm...

Through the years, he has not shown any sides effects from his ordeal, doing exactly what any other boy his age would be doing. Going to the beach, being a Cubbie, playing soccer, learning his alphabet and becoming a big brother.

Florida 2007 (he might look like me but he's like his Daddy when it comes to the beach-not a fan!)

First night of Cubbies

He was a reluctant soccer player his first season but came to really enjoy it.

Proud big brother

My dad says that he doesn't see the scars on Jackson's nose, he sees evidence of God's miracles. I have to agree.

We love you Jackson and are so proud to be your parents.
This is my favorite picture of Jackson, it's just so {him}. Talking, walking and doing 500 hundred things at the same time.

Happy Birthday Monkey!

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Stacey said...

Christina - I love your birthday posts! What an awesome story about Jackson. I think all your boys look like each other, but I have yet to decide which parent they look like.