Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Soccer, Rock-Climbing and VBS, Oh My!

Yeah, I missed my Ten on Tuesday post this week, so instead you get a random list of updates. :)
Last week was the end of soccer season, the twins' team had their party Thursday night (which I forgot the camera for) and all three boys had their last game Saturday morning. We won't talk about who won those games. (For the record, the coach I was playing against was subbing kids in and out like it was the World Cup-we didn't stand a chance.)

Would you want to face these guys on the field? :)

Clowning around between games

The "players"

After soccer, we decided to take the boys rock-climbing at Climb Time in Blue Ash. Jackson wanted nothing to do with it (except for a quick photo op) but the twins loved it. They both made it to the top of the wall. Chuck was their blayer, so he got quite a workout hooking and unhooking the harnesses over and over again. :)

The "climbers"

Bryce heading for the top

Jarron heading for the top

Jackson "climbing"

The rock-climbing cheering section

Friday night, we spent some time with the Lakes side of the family. Brody and Rizzo got along really well and played together quite a bit. The older boys spent most of the time hanging out playing video games.
All in all, it was a busy but fun weekend.
Andrew, Jackson and some bubbles

Rizzo and Brody chowing down

Their faces in this picture just cracked me up!

Monday night was our first night of VBS at church. Blaze also spent the night Monday night. He is such a good boy. He never asks for anything or causes any trouble.
This is Jackson's first year of VBS, he really loves it. He ran in Monday night and was so excited to show me the craft he made. So cute.
Ready for VBS!

My big guy ready for his first VBS!!!

Since Chuck and the boys are at VBS, me and Moose have been hanging out at home. Last night it was pouring rain against our back door. Brody was standing up at his music table playing, when he heard the rain, he stopped and looked around. He immediately dropped to all fours and crawled (super fast) to the back door. He threw the curtain aside and looked out at the rain and had this look on his face like "Aha! That's what is making that noise!" So funny.

Mr Moose standing up!

I cleaned out my scrapbook supplies this weekend, I feel much more motivated to scrap when I have everything organized. Since soccer is over, our weekends should be a bit more quiet, so I might actually get some layouts done. We'll see.

And because every post needs one, a little bitter {root} beer face action...
Have a great week!

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