Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Last night we had our end of season soccer party for Jackson's team. The boys were super excited to get their trophies. I think both Jackson and I are relieved that it is over. Jackson will be playing flag football this fall, I'm hoping he enjoys it more than soccer. I did like the time I got spend with him one-on-one. He's such a funny kid to hang out with.

Me and Mr. Soccer

2. Last week Bryce and Jarron went on their field trip (with Chuck) and had their field day (with me). The boys had a blast at field day-me, not so much. In addition to the gym teacher yelling at me for not playing the game she had set up-which was WAY too complicated for 2nd graders, in my first group of kids I had a little girl throw up right in front of me. That was the 2nd time last week I had a kid that was not biologically related to me throw up right on the ground in front of me. And I got a sunburn. Sigh.

Bryce and Jarron on the field trip

Bryce and Jarron at Field Day

3. My nephew Jacob graduated from high school last week. In my mind I still think of him as Jackson's age. I'm really proud of him-he's so stinking smart.

4. Want to see yet another bitter {root} beer face shot? Well, here ya go...there are plenty more where that came from.

5. I attempted to get a picture of Moose in the "son of a scrapbooker" onesie that I forgot I bought. It was a size 6-9 months. Needless to say, it was extremely tight, as in, can't button it, tight. All of the boys wanted to get in on the picture taking action and this was the result. That blanket was clearly not a big enough backdrop for all of those boys.

6. Scrapbook night Friday went well. I got about 20 layouts done. I feel like I am accomplishing a lot of scrapbooking this year. That makes me so happy.

7. Moose does not like tornado sirens at all. We had a few days of bad weather here lately, one of which produced a tornado a few miles from where we live. The sirens went off and so did Moose. He wailed nearly as loud as they did. Poor guy.

They way the sky looked the night of the sirens

8. Speaking of Moose (this is kind of a Moose heavy post, isn't it?), he got his very first tooth Friday the 5th. It was towards the middle of his mouth on the right side-kind of an odd place for a first tooth. He also started pulling up to stand last week, I think he'll be walking in no time at all.

9. The twins have their last day of school tomorrow. I can't believe my babies will be 3rd graders. They are growing up WAY too fast.

First day of second grade

10. Bryce is taking a Mission Friends class on Wednesday nights at church. As part of that class, he wanted to go around our neighborhood and invite people to our upcoming patriotic parade/service. Here is what he said to each of our neighbors (keep in mind, we've lived in our house for about 6 years, so we know these people pretty well-and he said the EXACT same thing every time):
"Hi, I'm Bryce Lakes and I want to invite you to my church for a patriotic celebration. It is June 28th, 2009. Thank you."
You could tell he had been practicing it in his head. It was so cute. I was incredibly proud of him-there's no way I would have been that brave at 8 years old. But the whole "Hi, I'm Bryce Lakes" thing cracked me up. Love that kid.

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