Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: Mega Photo Edition

I'm warning you now, this post is picture heavy! (For perspective, I took 551 pictures in June-yikes!)
1. The boys had a blast at VBS and really enjoyed the carnival that Friday. Jackson and Blaze hung out together most of the night, eating sno-cones and playing games. Jarron spent 90% of his time at the dart throwing booth, where according to one of the girls in his class, "he won everytime, he's amazing". Jeesh. Bryce got his face painted, and was so proud of it that he had me take this picture, so he could show everyone in case it came off.

Bryce's Face Paint

Ha! These glasses are so funny!

Jarron taking a quick break from darts

2. Chuck and I celebrated our eleventh anniversary on the 20th. That's so crazy to think about! We started dating when I was 16, so we have been together for half of my life time. We had a nice dinner out (alone).

3. Moosey turned nine months old on June 22nd. I wish I could stop time and have him stay our baby for a little bit longer, he's growing up way too fast for me. He had his well baby check-up and weighed 21 1/2 pounds, and was 30 inches tall. As she said, "he's gonna be a big boy!"
We thought he had gotten a tooth early this month, but it turns out that wasn't the case. He's still toothless and the doctor saw no signs of this changing any time soon! He's pulling up and standing all the time, I'm expecting him to take his first step any day now.

4. Moose has been a terror in his walker lately. He just flys from room to room, barreling over anything in his way. Unfortunately, our elderly dog, Tubby, got in his way and ended up at the vet with a leg injury. He's okay but it was a rough couple of days for him. I feel sorry for the dogs when Moose starts walking.
We're in trouble when this guy finally gets his driver's license!

5. The boys had a birthday party to go to this weekend at Jump Zone. Jackson loved the Superman jumpy, and we couldn't keep Bryce and Jarron out of the basketball jumpy.

Jarron and his friend Zach


Wow! They are all sort of smiling in this one!

6. This list of warnings on one of the jumpys just cracked me up. The descriptive pictures for people who can't read are hilarious. The fat guy with the line through it had me crying. But the best was the spiky hand for no rough play-because we were going to jump with our spiked gloves on until we saw that. Ha! :)

7. The Patriotic Celebration our church sponsored was this Sunday. Our older boys walked in the parade. Chuck, Don, Loretta and a few others worked really hard on the Upward float. It was far and away, the best float in the parade.

A float full of Lakes, the dark haired boys are ours. (And look Don-you made the blog again!)

8. Unfortunately, my poor nephew, Andrew fell before the service started. So Loretta and I took him to Children's Hospital, where he got a few stitches. He's such a cutie, I hated seeing him in pain. While we were there, Jackson kept playing around on the chairs in the waiting room. I told he better be careful or he'd break his hand. He just smiled and said, "That's okay, I can just go back there and they'll fix it."

9. We decided to take the boys to Kings Island yesterday. We had the best time. The weather was perfect and the lines weren't too bad at all. Jackson and Brody did so good-we were there for close to 12 hours and neither of them complained at all. We are so lucky to have such good kids.
Bryce got picked to take part in one of the live shows. He also got picked to be in a live show when we went to Disney a couple of years ago. I guess he just has a face for show business.

Jarron loved riding Plankton's Plunge-he is in seat 1 in this photo. He is fearless!

Our little Diego, Jackson.

10. Chuck rode the new rollercoaster, Diamondback-I think this picture says it all. :)

Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Soccer, Rock-Climbing and VBS, Oh My!

Yeah, I missed my Ten on Tuesday post this week, so instead you get a random list of updates. :)
Last week was the end of soccer season, the twins' team had their party Thursday night (which I forgot the camera for) and all three boys had their last game Saturday morning. We won't talk about who won those games. (For the record, the coach I was playing against was subbing kids in and out like it was the World Cup-we didn't stand a chance.)

Would you want to face these guys on the field? :)

Clowning around between games

The "players"

After soccer, we decided to take the boys rock-climbing at Climb Time in Blue Ash. Jackson wanted nothing to do with it (except for a quick photo op) but the twins loved it. They both made it to the top of the wall. Chuck was their blayer, so he got quite a workout hooking and unhooking the harnesses over and over again. :)

The "climbers"

Bryce heading for the top

Jarron heading for the top

Jackson "climbing"

The rock-climbing cheering section

Friday night, we spent some time with the Lakes side of the family. Brody and Rizzo got along really well and played together quite a bit. The older boys spent most of the time hanging out playing video games.
All in all, it was a busy but fun weekend.
Andrew, Jackson and some bubbles

Rizzo and Brody chowing down

Their faces in this picture just cracked me up!

Monday night was our first night of VBS at church. Blaze also spent the night Monday night. He is such a good boy. He never asks for anything or causes any trouble.
This is Jackson's first year of VBS, he really loves it. He ran in Monday night and was so excited to show me the craft he made. So cute.
Ready for VBS!

My big guy ready for his first VBS!!!

Since Chuck and the boys are at VBS, me and Moose have been hanging out at home. Last night it was pouring rain against our back door. Brody was standing up at his music table playing, when he heard the rain, he stopped and looked around. He immediately dropped to all fours and crawled (super fast) to the back door. He threw the curtain aside and looked out at the rain and had this look on his face like "Aha! That's what is making that noise!" So funny.

Mr Moose standing up!

I cleaned out my scrapbook supplies this weekend, I feel much more motivated to scrap when I have everything organized. Since soccer is over, our weekends should be a bit more quiet, so I might actually get some layouts done. We'll see.

And because every post needs one, a little bitter {root} beer face action...
Have a great week!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Last night we had our end of season soccer party for Jackson's team. The boys were super excited to get their trophies. I think both Jackson and I are relieved that it is over. Jackson will be playing flag football this fall, I'm hoping he enjoys it more than soccer. I did like the time I got spend with him one-on-one. He's such a funny kid to hang out with.

Me and Mr. Soccer

2. Last week Bryce and Jarron went on their field trip (with Chuck) and had their field day (with me). The boys had a blast at field day-me, not so much. In addition to the gym teacher yelling at me for not playing the game she had set up-which was WAY too complicated for 2nd graders, in my first group of kids I had a little girl throw up right in front of me. That was the 2nd time last week I had a kid that was not biologically related to me throw up right on the ground in front of me. And I got a sunburn. Sigh.

Bryce and Jarron on the field trip

Bryce and Jarron at Field Day

3. My nephew Jacob graduated from high school last week. In my mind I still think of him as Jackson's age. I'm really proud of him-he's so stinking smart.

4. Want to see yet another bitter {root} beer face shot? Well, here ya go...there are plenty more where that came from.

5. I attempted to get a picture of Moose in the "son of a scrapbooker" onesie that I forgot I bought. It was a size 6-9 months. Needless to say, it was extremely tight, as in, can't button it, tight. All of the boys wanted to get in on the picture taking action and this was the result. That blanket was clearly not a big enough backdrop for all of those boys.

6. Scrapbook night Friday went well. I got about 20 layouts done. I feel like I am accomplishing a lot of scrapbooking this year. That makes me so happy.

7. Moose does not like tornado sirens at all. We had a few days of bad weather here lately, one of which produced a tornado a few miles from where we live. The sirens went off and so did Moose. He wailed nearly as loud as they did. Poor guy.

They way the sky looked the night of the sirens

8. Speaking of Moose (this is kind of a Moose heavy post, isn't it?), he got his very first tooth Friday the 5th. It was towards the middle of his mouth on the right side-kind of an odd place for a first tooth. He also started pulling up to stand last week, I think he'll be walking in no time at all.

9. The twins have their last day of school tomorrow. I can't believe my babies will be 3rd graders. They are growing up WAY too fast.

First day of second grade

10. Bryce is taking a Mission Friends class on Wednesday nights at church. As part of that class, he wanted to go around our neighborhood and invite people to our upcoming patriotic parade/service. Here is what he said to each of our neighbors (keep in mind, we've lived in our house for about 6 years, so we know these people pretty well-and he said the EXACT same thing every time):
"Hi, I'm Bryce Lakes and I want to invite you to my church for a patriotic celebration. It is June 28th, 2009. Thank you."
You could tell he had been practicing it in his head. It was so cute. I was incredibly proud of him-there's no way I would have been that brave at 8 years old. But the whole "Hi, I'm Bryce Lakes" thing cracked me up. Love that kid.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bitter {Root} Beer Face

Moose has been doing this weird smile anytime you say "Cheese" and pull out the camera. My brother calls it the bitter {root-we're not drinkers} beer face, I just hope he grows out of it quickly. :)
Check back tomorrow for TEN on TUESDAY!!!
Somewhat normal smile

A little more "bitter"


Wow. Seriously. :)