Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ten on Wednesday

1. Jackson is cracking me up lately with his (mis)use of the word "awkward". He thinks it means "weird", so he has been using it constantly. As in, "Mommy this turkey is awkward", "This TV show is really awkward", "Quit acting so awkward". Love it!

2.There is a woman in my office who leaves her cell phone on all day and leaves it at her desk while she is in meetings. And it rings incessantly. It is literally driving me crazy. She also listens to her iPod so loudly that I can hear every lyric from where I sit. I wonder if she just doesn't know what the word "volume" means?

3. Our nephew Jeremy was in a motorcycle accident this weekend. He shattered his ankle pretty badly but is okay other than that (thank goodness!). He'll be off his foot for about 3 months-an eternity to 21 year old!) Please say a prayer for his recovery if you get a minute.

4. I recorded my first win as head coach of the Purple Dragons soccer team. I'm feeling pretty good about that...and, um, happy for the kids too. Unfortunately, the twins' team didn't do as well. (Coach Christina 1, Coach Chuck 0...just saying!)

5. Jarron lost a tooth this week. He was very laid back about it. He mentioned it in passing, "I have math homework, I need to bring money in for lunch, I lost a tooth, I played basketball at lunch..." I guess the thrill of the tooth fairy is gone now that he is 8.

6. Moose is 7 months old today! I can hardly believe it! He still doesn't have any teeth but he's really babbling a lot. Lots of "bababababa" and "lalalalalala". So cute! He still isn't crawling, he just rolls to where ever he wants to go. I have a feeling he'll be like the twins and just go straight to walking.

7. Bryce is star of the week at school. He had to color a poster with facts about himself. He listed his favorite food as pot pie and asked if I would make it for him. So I spent an hour and a half making chicken pot pie from scratch. This was our coversation during dinner:
Bryce: "Mom, I don't really care for the peas or carrots or corn. Not sure that I like the celery or the sauce. I'm not a fan of the chicken either."
Me: "So basically you like the bread?"
B: "Yes, maybe next time you should just make biscuits?"
Me: "I'll do that."

8. I must get the invitations to the Bryce and Jarron's bowling party sent out by Friday. I am so behind! I may even have to get the dreaded "store bought"!

9.This Sunday is Brody's Baby Dedication service at church. I'm hoping it gets warm so he can wear the super cute shorts outfit I got him!

The official Baby Dedication Day "portrait" courtesy of Bobbi Sawyer Photography

10. I had fun at the school last week for Bryce and Jarron's birthday. I made them cupcakes and added some Kool-aid to the icing for extra flavor. It was super yummy but unfortunately, it turned the icing pink. The twins were not happy! (But their friends enjoyed them!)

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