Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Where to start? We had an action packed weekend! Saturday morning the twins had a soccer game, which they won. I got to watch this one from the sidelines with Jackson and Brody since Jackson's team did not play. Brody fell asleep mid-way through the 3rd quarter, so I was able to take a few pictures...

Kind of hard to see-but both Bryce and Jarron are in this picture

Hard to believe these boys are 4 years apart-Moose is such a big boy!

2. I got a new camera-I sold that awful Olympus and got a really nice Nikon point and shoot. And I love it! It is so easy to use and takes really good pictures. In fact I took a little over 100 pictures since getting it Friday! That seems like a lot.

3. Saturday afternoon, we went to lunch at Symmes Tavern on the Green, a local eatery in Fairfield. Jackson got so tired at one point he fell asleep in a chair! The food was pretty good and the atmosphere was pretty cool, so we'll be eating there again.

Jackson's Nap Spot

Not sure what's up with this look...

4. We also spent some time at Chuck's parents' house. Don and his boys came over so the boys got to hang out with their cousins which they really enjoyed. (There you go Don, you finally made the blog!)

Uncle Don and Bryce

Bryce, Jarron, and Jackson doing some artwork

A rare photo of a smiling Jarron-he hates having his picture taken these days

5. Sunday was Baby Dedication Service at our church. This is (obviously) the last one we'll be participating in. Brody was in an awful mood and screamed for a good 15 minutes before service started. I ended up looking (and feeling) like an awful mess-so I won't be including the family picture, but here's Moose...

6. Speaking of Moose, how funny is this picture? He just cracks me up! He said "mama" for the first time last night. Rationally, I know he was babbling, but emotionally, I was thrilled to finally hear it.

Cookie Monster

7. We went to Fuji House (our favorite restuarant) with James and his family. It was kind of loud and choatic-as you would expect with 6 boys under the age of 8-but the boys had fun. Blaze had never been to a hibachi grill before and his reaction was priceless. I wish I had brought my camera.

8. Bobbi took Brody's 6 month pictures this weekend (technically he's 7 months but who's counting). I saw a couple of them on her camera before she worked her editing magic and they are were already amazing! Can't wait to see them (not that I am rushing you or anything Bobbi)!

9. I am registering this little man for Kindergarten on Thursday. We'll take a tour of the school and meet the principals. I am so excited for him-he can't wait to be a big boy like his brothers!

10. The twins' birthday party is this Saturday at the bowling alley. I am on the hunt for Monsters/Aliens related party supplies. Should be a good time...check back for pictures next week!

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Bobbi said...

Oh my gosh Jackson is going to school this year??? That cannot be true!! I bet he is so excited.

I promise I will have some pictures up tonight. Somebody (won't say who) had me up till almost 1 taking/editing pictures for a biggest Star Trek fan contest.