Thursday, April 9, 2009

Heard on the way to Awanas....

Last night, my nephew, Blaze came to church with the boys and I. The conversations between him and the twins were cracking me up!

Blaze: "Okay, let's talk about people in the Bible who hated God. Who am I thinking of?"
Bryce: "The serpent"
Blaze: "I was looking for the Pharoah, you know from Egypt, but the serpent will work too."

Blaze: "Let's do some Bible drills."
(Bible drills are when a person announces a chapter and verse in the Bible and you race to see who can find it first and read it.)
Bryce and Jarron kept getting there first and Bryce said:
"Blaze, you gotta move faster you keep losing"
Blaze: "That's ok, I don't win at school either, it's just nice to be nominated."
Bryce: "Um, I don't think that word means what you think it does."
Blaze: "Which word?"
Bryce: "Nominated, I think you mean participated."
Blaze: "Yup, that's word I was looking for."
Jarron: "Can you guys stop with the big words? You're giving me a headache."

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Bobbi said...

Oh my gosh that is so hilarious! I might have to steal your convo and post it on my blog too-with credit of course :)

That picture cracks me up, crazy hair Keats and Blaze looks so small next to your boys. Adorable.