Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. It's snowing on April 7th in Cincinnati. Last week we were wearing shorts. Awesome.

2. I neglected to do post about Brody's 6 month highlights (Bad Mommy!), so I'll share those here:
-Weight: 18 pounds 8 ounces
-Height: 27 1/2 inches
-He can sit up independently and rolls over and back with ease
-He eats stage two baby foods (about 5 jars a day) and really likes Chicken Noodle and Mango
-He loves to sleep with a blanket
-He loves toys-I've never seen a baby enjoy their toys as much as he does
-He's such a happy, smiley baby-his smile literally lights up a room
-He still doesn't have any teeth-but I love his big open mouth toothless grin

3. The kids were on spring break last week, so Chuck and I took off a couple of days to do some stuff locally. We (I) thought it would be a good idea to go to the Newport Aquarium. We (I) thought it would be less crowded on a weekday. We (I) did not take into account lots of people were on Spring Break. There was a large line just to get tickets and another to get in. It was VERY crowded. The boys seemed to have a good time. I just really don't care for crowds so it was less awesome for me. Jackson informed me that night that "When I am really old like you I am going to have a pet shark." To which I replied, "Where will you keep him?" He looked at me like I was completely crazy and said, "Ummm, the bathtub, duh!"




Chuck and the boys

Me and the boys

4. I hate to be all negative but I hate my Olympus camera. With a passion. Seriously. I took about 100 pictures at the aquarium and maybe 25 turned out. I've had the thing for a year and a half and I still am no closer to figuring it out than I was the day I got it. I am seriously contemplating selling it and buying a really nice point and shoot with a decent zoom lens. Because let's face it, if I haven't had the motivation to learn to use a SLR by now I'm not going to get it anytime soon. Argh.

The ONLY decent picture I got of fish at the aquarium.

5. I also took the boys to see Monsters vs Aliens in 3D on Friday. Awesome movie. We all really enjoyed it. I love getting to hang out with boys doing something they enjoy. They are so much fun to be around. They were very sweet and well behaved. All three of them thanked me for taking them without any prompting. I love my boys.

Not the best picture ever (taken with my camera phone) but the 3D glasses cracked me up.

6. I got to go to a scrapbook crop Friday night in Mason and I finished.....35 scrapbook pages! Seriously! Our scrapbook for our 2007 Disney trip is nearly complete. It was such a great feeling to get that done. Can't wait to go again...let me know if any of you would be interested in joining me.

7. Chuck and I are both going to be head coaches for the kids' soccer teams this fall. I was seriously stressing out about it earlier this week (because I have never, ever played soccer in my life) but now I am feeling pretty good about it. It's all about getting things organized-how hard can it be?

8. My babies will be EIGHT years old next week! How is that possible? Look for an extra special post about them on 4/16...

9. I lost the bracket challenge at work and church. Badly. I am very sad about this. I did so well last year. Basketball has been the talk of our house lately-Kentucky just hired a new head coach, John Calipari, which Chuck is a little bit excited about. It cracks me up to hear him and Don on the phone every night talking about the latest recruiting rumors. But it makes me happy to see him so excited about his team-it's been awhile.

The guy who is going to make Kentucky basketball awesome again. And he's drinking Dasani water-which everyone knows is the best bottled water EVAH!

10. Lots of family time this weekend-Easter and celebrating the twins' birthday, I'm really looking forward to spending some time with our families just hanging out. Can't wait to take lots of pictures (with my Kodak-because I've had it with the Olympus!).

Have a great week!


Bobbi said...

Oh, I like the new blog and love your ten things list....but....

Seriously??? NKOTB did not make the list!! I am dissapointed and ashamed lol. ;)

Christina said...

Ohhhhhh man...I can't believe I forgot that...must be all the drugs I'm on for my neck thingy.
I'll be sure to include in next week's list! :)