Friday, January 23, 2009

Look Who's FOUR Months Old....

Brody turned 4 months old on Thursday. He wasn't too thrilled to have to spend the morning at the pediatrician's office. He got 5 vaccines and screamed like you would not believe when he was getting them. Poor Moosey. The good news is it seems his colic has gone away for the most part, so we can stop giving him the gold plated formula (aka Alimentum) and go back to Similac Sensitive. His reflux still seems to be an issue, so he will stay on the Zantac for now.

Since he is such a big baby, the doctor said we could go ahead and get him started on solids. So last night he had his first taste of solid food-rice cereal-he did great! (And LOVED it!) She also suggested we start letting him hang out in an exersaucer-which he also LOVED! What a happy night of firsts for Brody-cakes!

A few stats for Brody at 4 months:

-weighs 15 lbs 8 ounces
-is 26 inches tall
-can roll over onto his belly (but can't get back on his back)
-is an expert at holding up his head
-sleeps through the night (for the most part)
-drinks about 46-48 ounces of formula
-tried his first solid food
-likes to hang out in his exersaucer (this is a brand new development)
-loves it when we talked to him and coos happily right back at us
-has the sweetest open mouth smile that lights his whole face up
-nicknames: Brody-cakes, Moose, Brod

Here's a few pictures of our big guy, his "firsts":

Happy 4 Month Birthday! -First time in an exersaucer!

First time eating solid food-look who loves rice cereal!

And a selection of my favorites from his 3 month photo shoot with Aunt Bobbi:

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