Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Hi, my name is Christina, and I am addicted to taking photos. Seriously. The first weekend of every month, I organize my photos from the previous month (burn them to CD, copy to external hard drive, download to Kodak Gallery). When I did that this Saturday I realized I took 293 photos in January. That seems like a lot.

2. We got some snow here last week-by some, I mean 8 inches and another inch or so of solid ice. The boys were off school for FOUR straight days. Do you have any idea how bored 2 seven year olds, a four year old, and a four month old get after being stuck inside for 4 days? Let me tell you, it wasn't pretty!

Bryce and Jarron pretending to get along

Jarron-spent the entire time building snow piles

Jackson-a little cold

Bryce-looking sneaky

Brody's First Snow Day

3. It is supposed to snow again today. I did not know that when I left this morning. Wearing 2 inch spike heels. Sigh.

4. Brody has moved on from rice cereal and is enjoying all kinds of fruits and veggies. He's such a champion eater-they only thing he has turned his nose up at is pears-he even loved peas! None of the other boys liked anything green.

Brody looks so much like his Daddy in this picture!

5. Jackson has been putting together some crazy pajama ensembles. Lots of patterns (that usually clash) and at least 2 shirts. As long as he isn't wearing them in public I guess I am okay with it.


6. These Lakes boys are still undefeated! Go Wildcats!

Jarron, Zachary, and Bryce

7. My nephew, Keats, turned two a couple of weeks ago. We got him the Yo Gabba Gabba Magic Dance hat. I think it suits him.

"It's Yo Gabba Gabba Time!"

8. We are going to Kentucky this weekend and staying in a hotel with a pool. Which means I need a swimsuit. Sigh. I hate swimsuit shopping.

9. I did some scrapbooking last week-I am completely caught up in Brody's album and did a bunch of stuff in our 2008 album. Woo. Hoo.

10. I got a new app for my iPod called Lose It. Basically it gives you a calorie budget for each day based on how much weight you want to lose, you enter everything you eat each day and it tells you how you did. I swear the thing enjoys telling me how far I went over each day. I am not a fan of the bright red "!" alert when I go over. I am beginning to resent this app.

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Bobbi said...

I wonder how many pictures I took in January?? That picture of Keats is hilarious, and you are ambitious. I didnt even get out of my pj's during the snow days.