Thursday, April 27, 2017

The One with Moose's Field Trip

This week I got the privilege of being a chaperone for Moose's second grade class field trip to the Sharon Woods Heritage Village.
Moose has been pretty excited about this for weeks. He loves going to new places and he loves it when his family visits his school.
I just had a group of three kiddos to keep an eye on for the day, Moose, his buddie Gabe and another little guy named Landen. The day went by really fast-we had amazing weather-and with the exception of behavioral issue with one of the children at lunch, it was an awesome day.

Moose has been to the Sharon Woods park a bunch of times but he's never been to the historic village area. I was really proud of how well behaved he was and how much enjoyed learning about the different village centers.
So glad I was able to spend this time with him!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Friday, March 17, 2017

The One Where We Got our Lives Back

Or you could also call it the end of basketball and indoor track season. However you want to say it, I am beyond thrilled to have my weekends back (sort of).
The oldest boys were both supposed to run indoor track this year but one of them got a season ending injury (he'll be ready in time for Fall), so it was just me and Bryce driving all over Ohio for indoor meets.

He ended the year with his best split in the relay and his best time running a 400M race. We'll take it. We also got to visit a whole score of colleges we may not have even had on our list-Bowling Green State, Ohio University, Cedarville University, and University of Findlay-one or two might make the official college visit list for next year.

How crazy is it that my boys are going on college visits next year? And I'll still be going on field trips with my youngest. It's a weird stage in my parenting life.

Speaking of my youngest, he also wrapped up his first year of basketball with Upward. He played great all season. Worked hard and scored some baskets. We were very proud of his positive attitude and his crazy good defense. Seriously, you should see this kid play defense. I'm pretty sure at some point the kid he was guarding just gave up. We loved the league we were in and highly recommend it for parents of kiddos just starting out in sports.

Jackson also finished up another year of basketball-playing for the Township with his buddies. They made it to the first round of the tournament and lost a super close game to end their season. Glad he got to play with his best friends and have some fun!

So where does that leave us? Jarron is finishing up driver's ed and will be taking his test in the next month or so to be our first child with a license to drive, but that's a whole different post.
I would say that we suddenly have a lot of free time but looking at our calendar, between church activities and school commitments our weekends are already committed through May! At least we'll have a few more evenings free.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The One with a Sour Cream Potato

Happy Wednesday!
We've had a busy but productive few days. The boys have had practices, games, and birthday parties to attend. We even managed to sneak in a family lunch at Max & Erma's this weekend.
While we were there, Chuck ordered a baked potato with sour cream and butter. The potato came out with so much sour cream it looked as if it had been served with an ice cream scooper. I jokingly said, "Would you like some potato with that sour cream? Ha ha. You should ask the waitress for more sour cream when she checks in."
Now, I should stop here and explain that our Moose likes to repeats things. All the things. Sometimes accurately, sometimes partially true. But he repeats pretty much everything.

A few minutes later, the waitress, stops by. "Can I get you any refills?"
Me: "I think we're good."
Moose: (completely straight faced) "My dad could use some more sour cream for his potato."
Yup. That happened.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The One Where I Recap Our Summer In One Post

I feel the need to play catch-up. To recap all the big events and fun of the last few months. I guess, I'll start with the summer.

We started the summer off right-by getting Jackson's cast removed the day before we boarded our flight to Florida. Why was Jackson in a cast, you ask? Well, let's just say you shouldn't play soccer barefoot.

From there we flew to Destin. Normally we drive, this was Moose and Jackson's first time on a plane. Since, the twins were babies the last time they flew, this was really the first flight they remembered too. Everyone (except one of the twins whose name rhymes with Rice) did great and flew without any fear. Bryce, on the other hand, wasn't a big fan. He was pretty happy as soon as we were on solid ground.

We spent the next week enjoying all that we have come to love about Destin-sparking blue water, white sandy beaches, fun restaurants, fishing off the pontoon boat, and even Snuba diving!

We got home just in time for VBS and poor little Moose to get the worse viral infection of his life. The poor kid had hives for days!

There was fishing with Paps and Dad. Because this is a house full of men. And men fish.

There were trips to the Movies in the Park with our friends. Where we mostly played. And then left halfway through the movie.

There was the coldest Red, White, Kaboom in years. We literally had on sweatshirts and brought blankets for 4th of July fireworks!

There was a 4th of July spent at the Main Event with family.

Ice cream dates with our friends at the Village Green.

A trip to the Lawrenceburg Speedway to see a school bus race.

The twins headed to Michigan for their annual youth trip with our church.

Jackson turned 12 years old!

We went to Gatlinburg with the high school cross country team for a weekend.

The boys went to the annual Men's Camp-out with Chuck. There was fishing, shooting and man stuff. Mom slept in a big comfy bed and watched Netflix in the peace and quiet.

And, of course, we got our new puppy, Ellie.

The summer of 2016 was pretty amazing. Can't wait to see what 2017 holds for us!