Thursday, April 27, 2017

The One with Moose's Field Trip

This week I got the privilege of being a chaperone for Moose's second grade class field trip to the Sharon Woods Heritage Village.
Moose has been pretty excited about this for weeks. He loves going to new places and he loves it when his family visits his school.
I just had a group of three kiddos to keep an eye on for the day, Moose, his buddie Gabe and another little guy named Landen. The day went by really fast-we had amazing weather-and with the exception of behavioral issue with one of the children at lunch, it was an awesome day.

Moose has been to the Sharon Woods park a bunch of times but he's never been to the historic village area. I was really proud of how well behaved he was and how much enjoyed learning about the different village centers.
So glad I was able to spend this time with him!

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