Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hello, It's Me Again...

I could make excuses for way I haven't updated this blog in months. They'd all be really good. But I won't bother. Let's just get to the updates:
-Bryce has been playing indoor lacrosse this winter and they've been WINNING. What?!? It's a new feeling for us. This same team didn't win a game all year during the outdoor season. To say we were excited would be a mild understatement. Not only that, but my boy? He scored! A bunch of times! Bryce is pretty awesome off the field too, making honor roll both quarters this year. 
Those shorts are Flow Society Lacrosse shorts. They have monkeys and bananas on them. My dad thought he was wearing pajamas. Apparently, it's a lax thing. We wouldn't understand.
-Jarron has been playing basketball for the Fairfield Tomahawks. His team hasn't been quite as lucky with the wins. But Jarron has played his heart out. He's a defensive machine, with a ton of rebounds each game. He also doesn't do too bad when it comes to scoring. He had a three point shot this weekend. And of course, he had to throw up the three goggles! He also has made honor roll each quarter this year.
It's really hard to find a non-blurry photo with just Jarron in it from basketball, so here you go. He's running. And yelling? It's an action shot and a little blurry but you get the idea.
-Jackson has been playing basketball for Upward. This is our first year playing at Cincinnati Christian. We chose to play there because Jackson's BFF, Otto plays for them and it's very close to home. It's been a great experience. Jackson has scored a bunch of times and is having so much fun. This past weekend he blocked a shot and swatted it into the crowd (a la Nerlens Noel). It was pretty amazing. Jackson was Student of the Month in February at FFE and is also getting straight As. (Look, my kids are kind of awesome. It's just a fact. And I'm pretty stinking proud of them.)
As usual, he shows a lot of emotion while playing. :)
-Moose has been growing at an alarming rate. Our little toddler is such a BOY now. He's been practicing writing and spelling his name (only when he wants to do it) and can count to 10. But what he really loves to do is sing. On video. Songs he has heard bits and pieces of on TV or on YouTube. It's pretty funny because he doesn't really know the words (so he makes them up) and he only sort of knows the tune. And when he's finished singing he ALWAYS says "I just blew that up, like a BOSS." He's pretty much one of the funniest kids I know.
He's got moves you don't even know about.
So that's what we've been up to. Busy. Busy. Busy. That's just how we roll.

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