Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Well, hello there. My name is Christina and I have this blog that I never update but I'm constantly writing posts for in my head... :)

2. I'm pretty sure I'm going to take this photo every year for as long as I can convince them (i.e. bribe them) to pose for it. They already look so much older than last year.


3. Moose has learned so many new skills in the past few months from watching TV and hanging out with his older brothers-but I think the one his Dad is most proud of is the one "The Electric Company" taught him a few weeks ago. Beatboxing. Yes, my four year old can beatbox. Apparently if you say, "boots" and then "cuts" repeatedly and quickly, that's the first step to expert beatboxing.

4. How many people are sitting there reading this and saying "boots" "cuts" over and over again? :)

5. Jackson is growing up far too fast for this momma-he no longer believes in Santa Claus ("Mom, it's just impossible for anyone to do that-millions of kids in 24 hours? I may be a kid but even I know that's impossible.") and he had his first friend sleepover this week. Stop growing so fast.

6. Lots of holiday fun going on around here-visits to Santa (the older boys even pretended to believe so Moose could have that experience), trimming the tree, and Christmas parties (so many parties!). The twins are in the children's Christmas drama at church this Sunday night. I'm really looking forward to seeing them perform-I haven't been to any of the rehearsals so this will be my first time seeing it!

7. Basketball season is back in session, which means on any given weekend we can be found in a gym somewhere, rooting on either Jarron or Jackson. Jarron's playing for the Fairfield Tomahawks again this year and Jackson's playing for an Upward program near our home.

8. Still hoping for a white Christmas here in Ohio, despite the near 60 degree weather and thunderstorms we've been having in the middle of December-a girl can dream. :)

9. We found a new and very addictive show to watch as a family-Duck Dynasty. The only problem is the boys are now super interested in duck hunting and all things "redneck". I'm a little afraid of what this means for us as they get older. (Full disclosure-I'm a girly girl-I don't do "dirt" or fishing or camping all that well.)

10. I feel like I should include a few photos from the past few months to catch everyone up on our life-so here you go...be back soon!
lakes family reunion
 jackson at fall lacrosse
moose at itty bitty soccer
family photo shoot

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