Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ten on Thursday

1. I can't believe lacrosse season is almost over. My boy has played hard-he's scored two goals this year and improved so very much. I couldn't be prouder of him.
# 18, ready to play

Love this picture of Bryce and a teammate
Fastest game on two feet!

2. All four of my boys received their very last AWANA awards last week. Moosey finished Puggles, Jackson finished Sparks, and Bryce and Jarron finished Truth & Training. They worked really hard all year-the bigger kids finished at least 2 books each. That's a LOT of memory verses!
Moose and Jackson on the top, Jarron and Bryce on the bottom
3. For nearly 14 years I have teased Chuck about eating fruit snacks. About how they are not real fruit or even real food. Last night I ate two small packs of the kind with juice in the middle. And they were SOOOO good. I guess I can't tease him anymore.

4. Prior to my little kidney stone episode (wherein I had horrible pain and will never ever drink soda again) I went on Jackson's field trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. It was the fastest trip to the zoo ever. I think we were there for 3 hours. He had so much fun.

5. I got a new lens for my camera-and it is AMAZING. Seriously. I get it now. People talk about how lenses make a difference and they really, really do. (In case you were wondering it's a Sigma OS 50-200 mm.)
I took this picture! :)
6. I missed posting pictures of the AWANA Grand Prix. No trophies for our boys this year but the two that competed (Jarron & Jackson) had fun!

7. This is what happens when you get two or more Lakes cousins in one place at a time. They start off smiling...

And suddenly everyone's Tebowing?!? Except Moosey...who seemed confused. :)

8. How is it even possible that there is only one week of school left? Rumor has it that in addition to the Character awards the Lakes twins won last week both boys are up for Academic awards NEXT week as well.

9. And what about my sweet Jackson? Jackson is such a good boy. He has brought home outstanding grades all year and Smile a Grams from his gym teacher for good behavior at least once a month. He's my helper at home too. Quietly taking care of little things and bigger things (like keeping a certain 3 year old Moose, that is a bit high maintenance, occupied). We are so blessed to have Jack-Jack in our lives.

10. This Moose goes non-stop all day, every day. It takes ALL of our energy to keep up with him. He literally goes, and goes, and goes until he collapses at the end of the day. Sometimes we find him asleep on the floor with his toys spread out around him as if he fell out mid-play. But he is so sweet and loving. I just wish he'd take a nap every now and again. :)

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looks like a fantastic month!!