Monday, April 16, 2012


Eleven years ago I became a momma for the first time. And exactly 60 seconds later, I became a momma for the second time. :)

I am so grateful for each day I get with my sons. I know they are gift from God. I am one of the fortunate people, blessed to be called "mom".

Bryce and Jarron taught me how to be a mom. I knew nothing about parenting before they joined our family. I had no idea what to do when your 22 month old bashes his head on the fireplace mantle (trip to ER for stitches), or whether biting through your tongue requires stitches (it doesn't) but now I am the neighborhood expert on cuts, bumps, bruises, and stitches vs staples.

I had no idea how much my heart would hurt the first time my son was in pain and I couldn't fix it. How many nights I'd lie awake praying when they'd have a problem at school or on the bus.

I had no idea how proud I'd be the first time they brought home straight A's. Or how loud I'd cheer on the sidelines of soccer, basketball, baseball, football, and lacrosse games (VERY loud).

I had no idea how hard I'd laugh at silly knock knock jokes. Or how much I'd enjoy discussing books and TV shows with them.
I had no idea how much I'd treasure crayon drawings of stick figures with the words "I love you Mommy" written on them. Or how as they got older, how thrilled I'd be each time I still got a hug or kiss goodbye in the morning.

I just had no idea how much I'd love this job. How much I'd love being a mom. I had no idea my heart could have that much love in it. And yet each year there seems to be more. More love, more to learn, more joy.
And it all begin 11 years ago because of these two...

Happy birthday Bryce and Jarron! I love you so very much!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

what a wonderful post! happy birthday to you fab boys!!

Becky said...

Awesome post and happy birthday to your two OLDEST boys! ;)

Keshet said...

They are so cute! And holy heck, now that I have one I am VERY awed by a mama of twins:)