Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. I {heart} lacrosse. Even though we haven't even come close to winning. It's such a cool sport. Fast paced and aggressive. Bryce {#18} has mainly been a "middie" {midfielder}. It's always exciting to hear the coach yell "Middies", because I know he's on his way out onto the field.

2. Bryce looks ridiculously old in his lacrosse gear. Sometimes I look over at him in the front seat when we are talking and it takes my breath away to see how quickly he is growing up.

3. Jarron got a trophy recently for his basketball team being the CAYBL division champs! Way to go Tomahawks! He started a Monday night Skills and Drills training session last night  in preparation for next season. He's very serious about his basketball.
Jarron (#5) playing in his last game.

4. This super cool kid made his very first free throw shot a couple of weeks ago.

Jackson has had a great time playing basketball, but he's been learning all about lacrosse from Bryce and is eager to play in an instructional league this fall.
Check out that form! :)

5. Oh Moosey. Where do I start? Maybe with your new way of getting our attention? "Hey Hey Mommy?" Always with two "heys". Or with your new insistence that you be called a big boy NOT a baby. As evidenced by this conversation:
Moose: Hey Hey Mommy
Me: Yes, Baby.
Moose: (Sighing that "mom knows nothing" sigh his brothers have perfected) You mean Big Boy?
Me: Sorry, Yes, Big Boy.

I think it was the sigh that made me the saddest. My 3 year old should not already think I'm an idiot.

6. Moose spent a good portion of the warm ups before a recent lacrosse game showing some poor random grandma the contents of his backpack. He's not a shy one, our Moose. He was literally taking each and every item out and telling her what they were. "And this is my Pinocchio book, and this is my Wolverine toy, and this is my Benadryl." Seriously. I tried several times to rescue the woman but she seemed to enjoy talking to him. Moose does have a way with the ladies.

7. I am loving this amazing weather we've been having-70's and 80's in March in Ohio?!? Yes, please! We've spent a lot of time outside taking walks, riding bikes and visiting with our neighbors.

8. Jackson randomly required a Zorro costume for Right to Read week at about 8:00 the night before he was to wear said costume. I was pretty proud of what I was able to pull together with a quick trip to Party City and some creative thinking. :) Jackson said none of kids knew who he was but all of the "old teachers" did. Nice.

9. I was the room helper at the twins' school for Pi Day (3/14). I helped serve almost 200 slices of pie. I was not surprised to discover that the chocolate pie was the overall favorite by long shot.

10. I have about 150 pictures on my camera that I need to download. I'm really hoping some of them are of Jarron. He clearly has been very good at avoiding having his picture taken. Too bad for him that I figured it out. :)

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Becky said...

Fun post! Benadryl, really? Haha! Sounds like my youngest...