Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. "Operation: Divide and Conquer" has been in full effect. This is where Chuck takes 1-2 children to an activity and I take 1-2 children to a different activity that is inevitably scheduled for the exact same time as the previous activity. It's been a crazy month. Looking forward to March and slowing down a little.

2. The upside of "Operation: Divide and Conquer" is that we get to spend a little one on one {or one on two} time with our boys. This weekend I got the privilege of taking Bryce and Jackson to their basketball games and to brunch. Had the best time. I laughed so hard at their silly jokes. Such fun kids.

3. I've been taking Bryce to lacrosse practices a couple of nights a week. We generally chat about school and stuff that's on his mind. Lately we've also been playing "Punch Buggy". {You know, the old game where you lightly punch someone when you see a VW Bug/Beetle.}
I've learned three things from this-1) Bryce has a mean right hook, 2) I bruise easy, and 3) Bryce really doesn't know his cars. I can't tell you how many times {after I've been punched} that I've had to say "That's a PT Cruiser not a Bug." "Sorry about that Mom."

4. Jarron's been spending a lot of time with Chuck because of basketball. But he does come to me when it's time to work on his President of the US club work. I love working with him on this-I've always loved Presidential history and seeing him enjoy it is just so much fun. Love that we have this connection.

5. Jackson scored a basket this weekend at his basketball game! His Uncle Don managed to grab video of it with his camera-if I'm able to download it, I'll share it here. So proud of that kid. {Coincidentally, his best friend and twin separated at birth, Otto, scored his first basket on Saturday too!}

6. I recently discovered the Pandora app on my iPad. {Did I ever tell you guys how I won a free iPad at work? Still can't believe it!} Anyway, all you do is type in the name of an artist and it plays all sorts of artists just like that one-FOR FREE. What?!? I'm probably about 3 years late to the party but I was super excited to find it. I use it all the time at work while I'm cranking out reports.

7. The Moose is growing up so fast. He's such a big guy that I forget sometimes he's only 3. Last night we were sitting on the couch together and he hugged me and said "You're my sweet Mommy. I love you." I almost cried it was such a sweet moment.
Then he said, "Now will you get me some blue juice?" {Gatorade-he love it}
He definitely knows how to play me.

8. Despite our busy schedules, I got to go to scrapbook night with my friends Sandy and Laurie Friday night. I've been feeling a little uninspired lately with my crafting, and this really helped me get my groove back. I finished half of our vacation album and jotted down tons of ideas for layouts to work on this month. I had so much fun!

9. We've been watching American Idol and The Voice. Seems like I heard the song "House of the Rising Sun" a number of times during auditions on both shows-never had heard it before. Such a haunting song. Thanks to Wikipedia-I now know all about it. {For the record, "Ice , Ice Baby also has it's own Wikipedia page-nice job Wikipedia!}

10. We had a fun family night out Saturday-dinner at Max & Erma's. Love this picture of the boys playing Mad Libs. The littlest Lakes boy had us cracking up with his dance breaks. Love nights like this.

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Becky said...

Operation divide and conquer, I love it!! Haha!